With roughly 2500 MLM organizations in the United States, picking the correct one can be a testing assignment. On the off chance that you are charmed with media communications items and administrations, you have a few options – Lightyear Wireless, 5 Linx, American Communications Network and FHTM. This article is examining the advantages and disadvantages of FHTM.


* The organization was established by Paul Orberson of Excel acclaim in 2001. I trust despite everything he holds a MLM profit record for gaining over $1,000,000.00 every month for a broadened timeframe. Paul was a noteworthy supporter of Excel in helping it achieve a billion dollars in income in the most limited timeframe ever. Along these lines, he certainly has the showcasing certifications to lead his organization.

* The telecom market, and web markets are tremendous. More than 80% of the general population on the planet have phone, wireless and web access.

* The organization administration has an abundance of experience.

* Though there isn’t much data on the corporate site about the pay plan,it seems, by all accounts, to be a liberal arrangement.

* The product offering is exceptionally expanded and incorporates, remote designs, phone designs, rapid web, satellite TV, security frameworks, sustenance drinks, weight reduction items, and a line of wellbeing and magnificence items. Every one of them are consumables and items that the vast majority utilize ordinary.

* The organization is without obligation and has been since the very first moment. Like most MLM organizations it is exclusive and does not need to be responsible to a Board of Directors.

* There are just around 50 MLM organizations out of thousands that have endured at least 10 years

* FHTM is in its tenth year, so that is a decent indication of strength.


* The telecom business is packed and the opposition is furious.

* Though FHTM presents itself as Partnering with Fortune 500 organizations, it is really an Authorized Reseller for them. They don’t really claim any of the items or administrations that they offer.

* It is most likely not a major ordeal, but rather the organization calls itself a “relationship advertising organization”. That term is simply one more gentler method for alluding to a MLM or Network Marketing organization which frequently triggers purchasers to think about an unlawful fraudulent business model.

* Like numerous vast organizations they as of late have had various lawful troubles with Montana, and North Carolina particularly blaming them for running a fraudulent business model. Likewise they have been compelled to protect themselves against two or three class activity suits.

In spite of the fact that the organization has developed, they basically have duplicate feline items and administrations and nothing to offer that is extremely interesting.

* It costs $299.00 to join the organization with the title of Manager. For another $299.00 you can purchase the privilege to utilize the title Trainer/Coach which qualifies you for gain $40.00 for everyone you prepare in your down line. As I would see it you ought to do that at any rate.

* Lastly, I don’t care for the way that the pay design has a “breakaway” element. That implies, that on the off chance that you select somebody in your down line that turns into a star, they split far from you and you never again win abrogates on that individual’s deals.

I would not join this organization, but rather that does not imply that you should reach a similar conclusion. I urge you to do your own particular due ingenuity and make your own particular determination. However while thinking about the upsides and downsides of FHTM, I trust the cons exceed the geniuses.

Bruce is quite a while Consumer Advocate, prepared Sales/Marketing Executive who changed to being a full time Internet Marketing Educator,Trainer and Coach. He spends significant time in helping beginners, children of post war America, cut back officials and genuine business people who wish to win 5 figures for each month, at home, on their PCs, without selling. For greater oppotunity surveys, thoughts, tips and advertising techniques, visit his blog at http://www.babyboomersplanb.blogspot.com or to find out about his essential online business, visit