Refrigerators are an essential part of our daily life. Commercial fridges are an important part of restaurants, cafes, stores and grocery stores. It is not possible to run a food related business without refrigeration appliances. The refrigeration appliances are huge consumers of energy. These appliances have to run twenty-four hours, so it is important to keep energy consumption under control. Here are some techniques to make refrigerators cost low.

Keep Your Refrigerator Well-stocked

If you want to save money on electricity bills, then it is important that you keep it stocked. The refrigerators use a lot of energy as the door is opened because of the cold air that flows in. It is important to maintain the fridge and freezers at least 2/3 full. Leaving the empty appliances results in high energy consumption. If the fridge is 1/3 full, then it allows cold air to escape, so refrigerator has to work harder to maintain the low temperature. Avoid putting too many products in the refrigerator as well because it can also interrupt the airflow and increase energy consumption.

Pay Attention to Refrigerator’s Maintenance

The best way of making sure that the refrigerators are energy efficient is to maintain the appliances. Maintenance is crucial for low power consumption. You should clean them regularly. Make sure that the condenser and evaporation coils are clean. They tend to collect dust over time, so make sure that you clean them on a regular basis. Clean coils can have a lot of effect on the energy efficiency of the appliances. If the coils are not clean the fridge and freezers will have to work harder, which means they consume more power. Do regular checkups for leaks and check door gaskets.

Place The Refrigerator at Right Position

The position of the appliance can be a factor in keeping refrigerator’s energy cost low. It is important to leave some space around the appliances depending on the position of a compressor. It is important that there is enough room for airflow around the refrigerator. If there is no air flow, then the appliances can heat up which results in high energy consumption. Keep the appliances out of direct sunlight because it can also heat up the appliance.

Keep Door Openings to a Minimum

For energy efficiency, you should try to keep the door openings to a minimum. Opening the doors lets the warm air inside the appliance, and they have to work to maintain the inner temperature. It is better to keep the door openings to a minimum. After opening the door, you have to make sure that you close the door completely. Leaving the door open will result in inefficiency of the cooling process.

Avoid Frost Build-Up

You should always keep an eye on the frost build up. If the frost gets thicker than ¼ inches, then you should get rid of because it will start affecting the efficiency of appliances. You should defrost the appliance regularly to avoid high energy consumption.