Two former Leap Motion workforce assume they’ve solved the perennial dilemma of passwords and id administration.

Beneath the nom de guerre of Redrock Biometrics, the company’s technology is waging war over the world’s legions of identification cards, pin quantities, passwords, and voice identification technologies by using a mixture of off-the-shelf components and proprietary software to identify palm-prints to validate consumer identification.

Redrock Biometrics’ chairman, Lenny Kontsevich, explained which the company sees wide applications in authenticating payments in digital worlds, bodily stability, and money withdrawals among other transactions.

“You can think of the palm as a extremely massive fingerprint,” says Kontsevich. “It features a loaded construction and might be captured by any camera touchlessly.”

Following Kontsevich worked while using the startup Kaching!, the graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology went to the lab to display (making use of only current database technology) the matching software algorithms involving palm prints and their exceptional signatures that will turn out to be the idea for Redrock Biometrics.

The problem, for Kontsevich, was capturing the photographs and processing them from the background. That’s the place Hua Yang, Kontsevich’s Leap Movement colleague came in.

The two absconded from Leap Motion in 2015 and established Redrock biometrics over the foundation of Kontsevich’s get the job done and Hua Yang’s track record in equipment discovering and visualization. Get more accurate information