As summer approaches, it is time to take out our sunglasses ( or invest some money, buying a nice pair if we don’t have one). As the summer heat increases, going outside the house without a pair of sunglasses becomes risky. Going outside without sunglasses exposes your eyes to the harmful UV rays or ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can damage your eyesight in numerous ways. Moreover, sunglasses also act as the perfect style statement and a great fashion accessory. Sunglasses can go on to hide blemishes such as swollen eyelids, dark shadows developed under eyes etc and can even make your face appear gorgeous. There is a reason why so many celebrities around the world keep on wearing sunglasses you know! Sunglasses make you appear mysterious, glamorous and sensual.

The main job of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays. UV Rays or ultraviolet rays come in two types UV A and UV B. UV A  can be very harmful to your eyes as it can seriously affect delicate and vulnerable eye parts such as the macula at the front and the retina at the back of the eye, thereby damaging your central vision badly. UV B damages the front part of your eyes that consists of the cornea and the lens which causes you to lose the eyesight. UV rays can also create other complications in your eyes such as cataract ( the disease which causes a film to appear on our eyes which obstructs vision) and also the development of other diseases such as pterygium which affects the cornea and eventually blocks vision.  You develop photokeratitis ( also known as corneal sunburn ) which causes blindness. So the risks of stepping outside the house without a sunglass are manifold.

There is some top of the mark, sunglasses and lens manufacturers based out in Kolkata is offering very stylish, sophisticated sunglasses for women. Sunglasses for women are available in every shape and size such as cat-eye, surfer, wayfarer, aviator, wrap around, bug eye, oval, pilots etc. These sunglasses are available at all sorts of prices ranging from extravagant to very reasonable.

Sunglasses are more than mere protective gear. They are also very sophisticated statement pieces that can make you appear stylish, or can even highlight your most attractive facial features and hide the not so flattering ones. For example, round sunglasses can go a long way in softening angular features, accentuating sculptured features, and softening the high planes of a face. Pilots sunglasses are a great choice for those with a square sized face as it shortens a wide forehead and puts more attention on defined jaws. Rectangular glasses are the idea if you have a round or heart-shaped face as it adds an illusion of length to your face, thereby, making it appear more defined.

As we have said before sun glasses are great accessories and can add some mystery, substance, and character to your face, can make you appear more striking and can also help you stand apart from the crowd. A pair of sunglasses adds a certain aura and enigma to a person. Adding a dash of style and making a style statement with a pair of cool and sophisticated sunglasses is never bad, is it?

These eyewear companies have a wide option of attractive sunglasses in every possible shape, size, and colors like black, grey, silver, purple, green, gold, red, burgundy, maroon, deep and light brown etc. Sun glasses are therefore the perfect combination of protective gear as well as style statement pieces. Not only do they protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, prevent you from going prematurely blind, they also add some substance and character to your face. A certain panache, a certain aura of mystery. As we have mentioned before, there is a very good reason why celebrities and public figures all around the world keep wearing sun glasses you know…

The great thing is that sun glasses are for people of all ages/age group. Men, women, children, all can avail a pair of sunglasses and add some style and substance to their appearance. These eyewear companies also have a wide variety of glasses for kids ( kids sunglasses). Children should also not step outside the house without a pair of sunglasses as the harsh UV or Ultra violet rays of the sun can be very damaging to the eyes of the children as well.

Since kids have low or limited immunity powers than adults and their eyes are more delicate or more vulnerable than adults, they should step outside in the sun without a pair of quality sun glasses. Since most children spend a good amount of time out in the sun, playing, having them wear a pair of sunglasses will assist in protecting them from the ultra violet rays of the sun and also make them appear more stylish and cool.