Getting its name from the village of its origin, Kanchipuram otherwise known as Kanjeevaram is basically a silk saree that can well be viewed as South India’s response to the more prominent Banarasi saree. Attributable to the thick fabric and deep color blended with insights of gold, this saree is favored for events and celebrations. Like with most silk sarees, you can rely on Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram wedding sarees to be the ideal outfit decision when you are searching for a tasteful ethnic option.
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Special Features

Since the color and outlines of the body, and the pallu are very extraordinary, weavers weave them two independently and in the long run go along with them. You can recognize a zig-zag pattern (known as the pitni) where the body meets the pallu. It is likewise a significant normal practice to weave the fringe of the saree independently and after that combine the three. The joining of the three (known as korvai) is finished with such accuracy that regardless of whether the saree tears, the fringe won’t disconnect.

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Additionally, since the zari is made of three silk strings contorted with a silver wire, the fabric is absolutely strong and durable. This, in any case, can likewise add to the weight, making a normal Kanjeevaram wedding saree as substantial as two kilos.

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