People have been trying to fool drug tests for centuries. As a veteran, I knew fellow soldiers that smoked weed regularly but never knew how they could pass all of the urinalysis exams that were thrown at us. I’ll keep this short because it’s a big secret that most lab and urine analysis companies don’t know about. 

It turned out later that my friends used synthetic urine that they got from a website. You can click here to check it out yourself. You can actually go to a few places on the web and order fake urine. You can even buy real urine that is dried out. I thought this was crazy.

As it turns out, after I got out of the military, it took a while to wrap my head around this. Was this legal? I wasn’t sure.

But now I know that if you get into trouble or had a few too many over the weekend, there are companies out there that are committed to helping you get through a test that could cost you your job. Of course, the best solution is to just not smoke. Cannabis can be very addictive so I would never touch it. I’ll try to do a follow up to this post. Stay tuned!