Carbon Monoxide sensors are often overlooked; however, this essential OmniShield sensor will keep you safe from an odorless and silent killer. Sure, safeguarding your home and family from a threat that you can’t see, smell or taste may sound like a tall order. But if you know the risks and choose the right products, it’s actually pretty easy. That’s where national home safety comes in. Take a look around for information, helpful tips and solutions – everything you need to arm yourself against a silent killer. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are two tools that can help you protect your home and family from these threats, even when they occur in remote areas of the home or at night when everyone is asleep. You can purchase the devices separately or as combination units.  It’s safe to say that most people are more familiar with the sound of their smoke detector or fire alarm then with the sound of their carbon monoxide alarm. For this reason it is important to know that when your Carbon Monoxide detector goes off it will sound like intermittent beeping. The sound will be much like the one your smoke detector makes when the battery needs to be changed. When this alarm sounds it means this gas has been leaking unbeknownst to you and it has reached a dangerous level.