“I have some MSG files that I am unable to open and view because of some compatibility issues. I am known for the fact that I got these files from MS Outlook and it includes single messages. It is really important to access those emails. I am looking for an appropriate and effective solution to convert MSG file to PDF format so that I can easily view them on any platform. It makes the Outlook messages more compatible and robust.”

There are many users that are kept on asking queries as mentioned above. In this write-up, we will discuss solutions to batch convert MSG to PDF with attachments.

Reasons to Convert MSG File to PDF Format

There are a lot of reasons that make a user to save Outlook MSG files in PDF file format. Let’s discuss some of the relevant and important reasons for the conversion process.

  • It is easy to modify or corrupt MSG file as it not a secure file format. Whereas, PDF is Portable Document Format that is completely independent and can be accessed on any application or on any OS platform. Security can be maintained in a PDF file and the data can remain safe.
  • PDF file format can be the best suitable format to backup important data. If somehow, a user lost his MSG emails then, he can access them in PDF format anywhere and anytime. So, to keep data as a backup, it is important to batch convert Outlook MSG files to Adobe PDF file.
  • It is easy to maintain the data integrity in PDF file. The formatting of email message remains same as it was an original one.

Export MSG File to PDF Using MS Word

There is a simple that can help a user to convert selected MSG files to PDF format. A user needs to save the file in HTML format and open it with MS Word to export as PDF file. This method to export Outlook messages to PDF file format is helpful when a user has a limited number of email messages.

Convert MSG File to PDF by Printing Outlook MSG Files

  1. Open MS Outlook and then tap Ctrl + P and then, Print dialog window appears.
  2. Click on Adobe PDF as printer >> Print option.
  3. To convert attachments along with emails, you need to click on Print Options >> Print Attached Files >> Print. Now all the attachments will get stored in different PDFs.

Save MSG as PDF by MS Outlook Add-in

  1. In Adobe PDF tab of MS Outlook, click on Setup Automatic Archival option.
  2. Now, click on Add button and then, select email folder to convert to PDF file.
  3. Click on Run Archival Now.
  4. In order to convert all the attachments, Click on Settings >> Include All Attachments.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approach

There are few limitations to convert MSG file to PDF format manually. Therefore, these procedures are not considered as an effective solution. Some of the limitations are:

  • These methods is beneficial if there are a limited number of emails. It fails to convert MSG files to PDF in bulk.
  • These procedures are lengthy and time-consuming as it involves too many steps.
  • In these methods, MSG emails cannot be previewed before converting them to PDF file format.
  • It is difficult for a user to check the status report which includes conversion of a number of files.

Automated Solution

There is an alternate solution to convert Outlook MSG files to PDF i.e. SysTools MSG Viewer Pro. This solution can easily export multiple MSG files to PSF format in a very less time. It can save and convert MSG file to PDF format along with all the attachments in the same required format effectively.

The Bottom Line

As we have discussed that MSG files are unsafe and can be formatted. It is better to save these files as a backup in a secured file format like PDF. One can easily convert MSG file to PDF with the help of manual as well as an alternate solution as mentioned in the blog.