“I am using Outlook for many years and I have lots of MSG files with their attachments in my account. Generally, I used to travel for the business purpose. But, it is required to carry some important data with me. So, it is necessary to open MSG file in my mobile. But, Mobile doesn’t support the MSG format. Thus, I need to convert MSG format to PDF file. Can anyone suggest me the suitable solution to export MSG to PDF document file?”

With each passing day, the demand for saving email messages to PDF with attachments is escalating by many users like discussed above. The technical experts are addressing such queries in which they are asking for methods to convert MSG format to PDF. Basically, MSG files are used for saving single Outlook email message inside the machine. However, it is known that both MS Outlook and Adobe provides plug-ins for saving the emails into PDF but these days email attachments are very much concerned.

The main issue is that Microsoft Outlook prevents the users to save MSG file as PDF with their attachments but email attachments hold grave importance as they are very much necessary for maintaining various organizational projects etc. Therefore, most of the users want to print their MSG files to PDF format. Thus, here, we are going to tell you how to convert MSG file to PDF without facing any problem.

Need to Convert MSG Format to PDF File

There are many reasons that tend a user to save Outlook MSG files as PDF. Let’s discuss some of the most relevant and important reasons for the conversion process:

  • A PDF file can maintain the data integrity in a very easy manner. The formatting of MSG files remains same as it was an original one. That is why a user wants to migrate MSG file to PDF format.
  • A PDF file is completely independent and can be accessed on any platform or on any application. Also, the PDF file is more secure than MSG file. Because it is easy to damage and change the content of MSG file.
  • PDF is the best suitable format for taking backup of important data. In any case, if a user lost his MSG files then, he or she can easily access it in PDF format anywhere and anytime. So, to keep MSG emails as a backup, it is important to convert Outlook MSG files to PDF file.

How to Export MSG File to PDF Manually?

If you want to convert MSG format to PDF file, then you can select either a manual method or any commercial tool. But if you have less amount of MSG files then you can try manual method to convert Outlook .msg to .pdf file easily without hassle. These are the possible solutions:

Solution 1: Save MSG Data as PDF by Using Print Option

  1. First of all, open Outlook application then press Ctrl + P key.
  2. Now, a Print dialog window appears. Then, click on the Adobe PDF as printer.
  3. After that, for converting attachments along with emails, click on Print Options >> Print Attached Files >> Print.
  4. Finally, all the MSG files along with attachments will get stored in different PDF file.

Solution 2: Save MSG File as PDF by Microsoft Outlook Add-in

  1. To start the process, first, click on the Setup Automatic Archival option.
  2. After that, click on Add button then, select email folder to convert MSG file to PDF, then click on the Run Archival Now option.
  3. Finally, for conversion with all the attachments, click on the Settings >> Include All Attachments option.

Reliable Solution to Convert MSG Format to PDF

There are two manual methods explained above, but for lengthy conversions, this might eat up a lot of time and they are not recommended as well. They also fail to export MSG files to PDF in bulk and don’t able to generate a status report. In such cases, commercial solutions work best. One of the best alternate solution to convert MSG files from Outlook to PDF is SysTools MSG Viewer Pro. This solution can easily transfer multiple MSG files to PDF format in a very less time. It can save and migrate MSG file to PDF format along with all their attachments in the same required format effectively.

The Bottom Line

Whatever be the need like, some users required the conversion of MS Outlook emails to PDF along with Attachments. As we have discussed that MSG files are unsafe and can be formatted. In such scenarios, it is better to save those MSG files as a backup in a secured file like PDF format. A user can easily convert MSG format to PDF with the help of manual approach as well as an alternate solution.