Hillary Clinton launched into a speaking tour of britain using a concept which the Brexit referendum was received to the basis of the huge lie and warning that Vladimir Putin has actually been conducting a “cyber chilly war” towards the west.

She urged extra girls to enter politics and praised individuals that spoke up about the Hollywood film mogul and Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein, expressing his reported conduct was disgusting.

But Clinton observed that Donald Trump had admitted to sexual assault and had a long heritage of misogyny, nevertheless his supporters ended up at ease that he was now within the Oval Business.

Some Democrats experienced urged her to become silent just after her defeat to Trump but she wasn’t about to go away, stated Clinton. She vowed to play her portion in an try to win back Democratic seats during the forthcoming midterm elections. She admitted she “just collapsed with serious grief and disappointment” after her election defeat.

Clinton, who is touring the state to market What Occurred – her memoir reflecting about the election defeat, told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: “Looking within the Brexit vote now, it was a precursor to some extent of what happened to us in the United States.”

She decried the quantity of fabricated info voters were being given: “You know, the big lie can be a very potent resource and we have somewhat kept it at bay in western democracies, partly as a consequence of the freedom of the press. There needs to be some simple level of truth and evidence in all parts of our modern society.”

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