Most of the times, people across the globe are in a problem to share the large size PDF file with their friends or colleagues. For this, people are looking for the programs or software that can easily split large PDF files. However, there are several advantages of divide PDF document such as easily perform sharing of files, taking less time during uploading and downloading etc. Therefore, in this write-up, we have discussed both manual as well automated method i.e. PDF Splitter Software to divide PDF into multiple files. Before that, there are some user queries that will provide a better insight of this situation.

User Query 1: I have a one PDF document that comprises 30 pages. Now, I need to separate this PDF document on the basis of even pages. But I do not know the procedure to split large PDF files at a time. Is anyone have any solution which can help me to divide one pdf into many documents? Please let me know!

User Query 2: I have a very large size PDF file and I need to share this PDF document through the Google mail. But, it does not except the file as an attachment due to its huge size. So, I need to divide PDF into multiple files. Thus, I can easily share the PDF file to my friend via Gmail. If any of my technical friends know the method that how divide one pdf into many. Kindly provide me, Thanks in advance!!

Manual Solution to Split Large PDF Files

There are two methods that can divide PDF into multiple files. These direct methods are very simple and easy to execute. The following methods are described below:

Method 1: Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to Divide PDF Into Multiple Files

The Adobe Acrobat application provides the facility to split large pdf files. Here, the following method steps are listed below:

  • Start, Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Click on File option>>Open
  • Next, open the PDF which needs to be split
  • Click Page Thumbnails to view every page of the PDF document
  • Click on the List button
  • Select Extract pages option to divide one PDF into many
  • From the Extract Pages dialogue box, Enter a number of pages
  • Select appropriate option between Delete Pages After Extracting & Extract Pages As Separate Files
  • Click OK button to divide one PDF into many
  • Choose the location to save resultant PDF
  • Lastly, click OK

Method 2: Use Chrome Browser to Split Large PDF Files

For this method, there is a need for Chrome browser on the system. The following steps to divide PDF into multiple files is given below:

  • Launch the Chrome browser and open the PDF file that user wants to split
  • Now, click on Print option or press Ctrl key along with P
  • The print panel will open, click on the Change button
  • After that, select the “Save as PDF” option under the Change
  • Provide the page numbers as per the need under the Pages section
  • Finally, click on Save button.

Note:- A user can use various combinations in the pages section. If a user wants an individual page, just provide the same page number. If a user wants a number of pages, mention the initial page number, hyphen, and the final page number.

Divide PDF Into Multiple Files With Professional Tool

The above-stated methods have some limitations such as takes huge time while dealing with the giant PDF file. Here, we recommend a third party application i.e. PDF Splitter tool. It is an impeccable tool that can divide PDF into multiple files and also merge small size PDF file. Some of its dynamic features are mentioned below:

  • Easily split large pdf files without any data loss
  • Provides splitting filters such as Split PDF by Page, Even Pages, etc
  • Option to Add Folder or Add Files for the merging process
  • Supports all types of PDF files and maintain the data integrity
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and all its earlier versions.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, people are often to choose digital documents formats over the paper. But, sometimes it is tedious to share large document file with any other system. Hence, in this write-up, we are trying to resolve the user problem by providing the manual methods along with the professional solution that can instantly divide PDF into multiple files.