A PDF file is the portable document format which is widely used file format developed by Adobe. It contains images, fonts, and other components. These files are platform independent and can be opened in most smartphones. Another feature this file format provides is the security. These files can be easily secured by adding password protection it can be user level or owner level. However, apart from the password, many people secure their files by adding watermark. But, sometimes these watermarks are annoying, they create various readability issues. So, resolve such problems, in this write-up, we have discussed the solutions to erase watermark from PDF files. Let’s read one by one and quickly remove watermark on Adobe PDF:

Remove Watermark From PDF by Microsoft Word

PDF watermark is frequently used for security identification but at times it is needed to remove from the document. So, with the help of MS word user can easily remove watermark from PDF files. For this just follow steps:

  • Open PDF file from which you want to remove the watermark
  • Select the Tool option from the right pane & click it
  • From options like Import File, Export File, Create PDF choose the Export PDF option
  • Select the Microsoft Word as your export format
  • Choose the Word Document
  • Click on the Export button to make it functional
  • Name the Word file that user is converting from PDF in the name box and save it
  • Now, open the saved Word File it will contain the watermark
  • To delete watermark, navigate towards the design/Page Layout tab
  • Choose the Page Background option >> Watermark
  • From Watermark options like Customize Watermark & Remove Watermark
  • Click on Remove Watermark option
  • However, if you still get the watermark then, double-click on the header area of the document & select watermark and press Delete key

Drawbacks to Manually Erase Watermark From PDF

If you have decided to remove watermark from PDF using MS word, you need to get prepared to face certain drawbacks of this method. The biggest drawback of this technique is it does not allow the user to remove watermark from multiple files. Other are bound to face difficulties if they attempt to execute this approach. Apart from this drawback, this process is also a long one and complex. Users have to spend a good amount of time to perform this manual approach. Moreover, if you manually erase watermark from PDF there may be a chance of data loss. So, taking all these points into consideration, it is advised to use the third party solution to remove watermark from PDF files.

Professional Solution to Erase Watermark From PDF

In the automated method to remove watermark from PDF files, users simply have to use an automated software. With SysTools PDF Watermark Remover tool, users can easily remove watermark from multiple PDF files. Moreover, it provides the facility to eliminate both images as well as text watermark from various PDF files. Now, have the tool at the basic features of the tool.

  • Software erase watermark from PDF files in batch
  • Shows progress summary reports like the name of PDF file, the path of PDF file and current status
  • Erase watermark from PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat
  • Save the resultant PDF document at any desired location
  • The software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating Systems

How this Tool Remove Watermark From PDF File?

  • Download the software to erase watermark from PDF files
  • Click on Add File or Add Folder option to remove PDF watermark
  • Click Browse to select the destination folder & hit Next button
  • Click Start button to begin the process


This post has been an endeavor to share methods with readers to erase watermark from PDF files. Here, they will learn methods remove watermark from PDF files. In the present time, widespread usage of the third-party software is seen to avoid the limitations of the manual method. It is recommended that readers should choose the cited software to remove PDF watermark.