Small businesses have many challenges to overcome from finding new customers to streamlining revenue streams to keeping your customers happy. If a business manages to achieve this they have half the game won. But what about the other half of the game well that completely hinges on one team, your Sales team. This is why providing them with the right tool becomes so important.

A salesperson has enough things to worry about be it achieving sales targets, preparing reports, monitoring sales pipelines, forecasting revenue, projecting… deals the list just goes on and on. This is why it is important that you equip your salespersons with a crm software that can help them do all this and more.

Here are some stats that show the benefits of a CRM and how it can help your business Grow into a powerhouse.

CRM Market Space

  • CRM software revenue has increased from US$ 13 Million in 2010 to US$ 35 Million in 2017.
  • Cloud based CRM have seen an increase in market share from 12% in 2008 to 87% in 2017.
  • 91% of companies with more than 11 employees use a CRM software.

Return on Investment

  • The average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.
  • CRM usage went up from 56% to 74% in 2017


  • CRMs can help increase productivity by upto 34%.
  • They help increase organization sales by upto 29%.
  • They help increase individual salesperson revenue by upto 41%.
  • They can improve your forecast accuracy by 43%.
  • 24% sales people achieve their annual sales quota.
  • 48% of CRM users access the software from mobile devices.
  • Companies with mobile CRM implementations are seeing 65% sales quota achievements.
  • Companies without mobile CRM implementations are achieving only 22% of their sales quotas.

Customer interaction and retention

  • Improve access to your customer data by 74%.
  • 37% of B2B buyers ask questions on social media a CRM can help you get to your customers right away by integrating with your social channels.
  • CRMs help organizations improve their customer retention by upto 27%
  • 6 out of 10 organizations are using their CRM to respond to their customers faster integrate your existing gmail inbox with your CRM and access the power of email from within the CRM.
  • Compile data from website visitors.


  • Organize your leads using a CRM to get the hottest leads first.
  • Track and manage your leads through the different stages of the customer lifecycle.
  • Manage your lead conversions by collaborating better with the various in house departments.

Gateway to other technology investment


  • 49% of companies that have invested in CRM softwares plan to increase their technology spend.
  • A helpdesk software is the next big planned technology investment at 47%. 


CRMs have become indispensable to organizations that want to grow. 2018 promises to be an year that will see more organizations spending on CRMs and providing efficient tools to their sales teams. If you are looking to buy a CRM or are still wondering how a CRM can help your business grow into a powerhouse check out this detailed resource and CRM buying guide.


Happy Shopping!