The OmniShield heat sensor is a crucial piece of the network. Its application in areas of your home not suitable for smoke alarms makes it an ideal addition for fire safety. If rapid response to fire is vital, rate-of-rise heat detectors are an ideal solution where rapid temperature increases would only be caused by a fire emergency. Alarm Sense is a range of conventional fire detection and alarm products designed to be connected to the same pair of supply wires, making installation quicker and less expensive. Combination heat detectors provide both fixed and rate-of-rise detection. This enables the heat detector to communicate an alarm to the central control panel prior to reaching its fixed set point for high rates of rise, providing a timely response to both rapid and slow temperature increases.​ Heat detectors are often seen in garages, warehouses, underground parking lots, or kitchen or cooking areas. They detect either a fixed temperature or the speed in which the temperature is increasing. Heat alarms are installed in rooms where smoke or fumes are part of the atmosphere such as in kitchens or garages and ionization or optical smoke detectors would cause false alarms. Heat alarms should be interconnected with other smoke alarms on escape routes to give full protection throughout the building.