The concept of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is getting popular with time in India. It is said that sometimes OEM is a misleading term which describes a company that has a relation to computers and IT only. Remember one thing that original equipment manufacturers mustn’t be confused with Value Added Reseller or VAR. OEMs sell their products to companies and then they brand the products in its name. In fact, the companies after buying products from original equipment manufacturers offer its own support and last but not the least, the licensing.

What is OEM?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is considered as a company that manufactures and produces equipment and parts which are marketed by other companies. Say, for example, Acme Manufacturing Company manufactures power cords and these cords are used on IBM computers. Now, Acme can be considered as the OEM.

As discussed before, the term OEM is used in several ways, thereby, causing vagueness everywhere. Sometimes it means a maker of a system that consists of other company’s subsystems or an automotive part or an end product manufactured by the same company which usually produces the original parts.

Usually when we shop software and hardware products online, we are liable to come across OEM – a three-letter acronym. It has been usually seen tagged on software or hardware which cost less than the normal retail products.

Online Market for OEM Products

Today if you look for an OEM in India, you might find a huge list in the market, but it will be your responsibility to pick up the best original equipment manufacturer in India amongst the rest. Now, if you move to the retail stores for OEM products then there is hardly any chance to find them as they never sell OEM products. As online stores barely care about retail packaging, they are happy to stock up OEM products and then sell them to customers. The online trade market knows that there are a lot of ‘bargain hunters’ who look for the lowest possible prices.

The idea is to focus on profitable marketing, thereby, making smarter business decisions. So buying OEM products from the right company is always advisable. Whether you are an automotive manufacturer or a software leader or working in a financial institution, a good OEM is sure to benefit with its solution. Do a thorough market research and find out which original equipment manufacturer has been providing exceptional service to customers. Check which company manages a good database.

Today, things are not just restricted into the IT boundary but there are automobiles like bikes, electronic goods like tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes, as well as fans which needs OEM help.

Hope the above-mentioned understanding on Original Equipment Manufacturer was clear to you.