As we approach the winter season, it has turned into a propensity to hear news about ‘serious exhaust cloud’ circumstances in New Delhi. The present occurrence of brown haze happening in the capital city of India, is simply one more case of how circumstance can leave hand if proctive measures aren’t taken soon. This is less demanding said than done. It will require an arranged execution of preventive strides for a drawn out span.

Having said that, we have to shield ourselves from the air contamination that spreads quick amid such circumstances. We additionally require an essential information of the quality and sorts of toxins around us with the goal that we can make particular strides required to shield us from the specific contaminations.

Understanding Air Quality Index

Air Quality Index is a standout amongst the most well-known term utilized for checking air contamination. It’s a number characterized by governments relying upon the nature of air found in the locale. The air quality is subject to the amount of few of the gasses and segments found noticeable all around that incorporates Co2, S02, No2, Particulate Matter, Dust and suspended particles. The information likewise relies upon the quantity of segments one is incorporating into the air quality estimation. A shading demonstrated rundown is made that aides in assessing the level of the air quality.