Stand up pouches have taken the packaging trade by storm. Companies of products that are liquid or grainy in nature love them for the several new merchandising opportunities they offer, as they can either stand on a shelf or hang on a hook in a display. Furthermore, since standup pouches are typically made up of plastic or plastic/aluminum laminates, they can be printed with n number of colors, designs or logos. This makes them be obvious even more at retail. Suppliers of standup pouches counsel that there are special requirements if you want to print on a stand-up pouch. With any technological innovation inexorably come supplementary requirements and steps, particularly in the graphics field.

The use of stand-up pouches continues to grow in both retail and industrial milieus. With stock stand pouches obtainable by the case, in amounts as low as 500 per carton, countless people hand apply colorful labels with remarkable success. Over the years, manufacturers of have introduced numerous color combinations such as clear fronts (so a product can be seen) and painted foil backs such as silver, gold or black. This has permitted companies to add color and some glamor to their packaging without adding copious cost. The final step in this progression happens when a firm wants to abandon applying labels and have their very own custom-printed stand up pouch packaging services.

Become acquainted with what you are packaging

While this might sound simple, often this isn’t the situation. Is your artifact dry or a liquid? If it is dry, how fine is it? Is it the consistency of thick nature or is it minute dust? If a liquid, is it water based or something else, such as oil? All these elements play a part in the material choices you will have for printed stand-up pouches.

Determine the barrier properties you need to shield your product

This doesn’t have to be specific numerical statistics, but have an idea what you wish the standup pouch barrier film to do. Are you eyeing for your product to last for 1 month on a shelf or 6 months? Do you want it to shield from ultra-violet light? Will your product have to travel across the nation in a truck without air conditioning in the mid of the summertime? Also, choose the features you want to have such as zip-locks, pour spouts, tear notches, etc.