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I designed a brochure in Corel Draw and want to email it in PDF file format. But, this file exceeds 25 MB due to which it becomes very difficult for me to send this large PDF document. Can anyone tell me how to compress a 25MB PDF files without any data loss? All leads shall be appreciated!!

I want to upload a PDF document of 25 MB size on my website. But, I got some uploading issues while performing the task. So, can anyone suggest the simple solution to compress PDF files so that it can be upload easily? Thanks in advance!!

Are you also having these similar queries? If yes, then you do not need to worry as you are not required to search for more. The following write-up describes all the best possible manual and reliable method i.e. PDF Compressor Software in order to reduce size of PDF document. Therefore, read this blog to have a complete idea about PDF compression process.

There are many email server who refuse to accept email attachments over a certain size limit. However, most of the times users send their emails and attachments in PDF format. Because PDF is the most secure file format as compared to other files. But, when the size of attachments exceeds the limit then, user find various issues on sending the file. But, there are some ways to send large files. Here, in this write-up, we have discussed best solutions to reduce size of PDF document. But, before knowing the solution for how to compress a 25MB PDF files, first, we know about the size limit of email attachments by email clients.

What’s the Maximum Size of an Email Attachment?

Generally, any email service does not allow sending files larger than a few MB’s in size. However, when a user tries to send the attachments over the certain limit then email servers may give an error message. The messages could be “The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit or The file you’re attaching is bigger than the server allows. So, first, we need to understand the attachment size limit of different email clients.

Gmail: The maximum permitted attachment size for Gmail is 25 MB.

Hotmail: Hotmail allows the sending of files up to a maximum size of 10 MB which is quite less.

Yahoo: Yahoo permits the user to send attachments up to a size of 25 MB as well.

Outlook: The maximum size of the attachments Outlook permits is 20 MB.

Manual Solution to Compress PDF File

Follow these useful steps to know how to compress a 25MB PDF File with Adobe Acrobat Pro:

1- Firstly, start Adobe Acrobat Pro
2- Open the PDF files you want to compress
3- Click on the File option
4- Choose Save As Other option
5- After that, click on Reduce Size PDF option
6- Choose Later versions of Acrobat to increase File size reduction
7- Click OK button to reduce size of PDF document and Save it

How to Compress a 25MB PDF File – Automated Method

With the above-described method, the user cannot batch reduce PDF file size. Moreover, if users don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro then they will be unable to reduce size of PDF document. So, in such cases, it is recommended to use automated professional third party tool i.e. PDF Compressor Software. The major advantage of using this tool is it can compress PDF files in batch. Also, if the user has a PDF attachment over 25MB then, in such cases this professional tool is very useful. Moreover, it does not require any application to be installed. It is the simple approach to answer the query ‘how to compress a 25MB PDF file’.


This above-discussed blog describes the different techniques to answer “how to compress a 25mb PDF file”. If users are having multiple PDF documents then manual approach fails. So, to overcome the limitations of manual method uses can opt for the third party tool to reduce size of PDF document.