When rock climbing, the head of the climber is exposed to a number of dangers, including an injury from a fall, or problems such as dropping climbing gear, rocks or ice hitting it from above. The best climbing helmet is needed to protect the climber from such contingencies. There are two elementary types of helmets; those made from a carbon and plastic mix and those made from polystyrene. The latter are designed to disintegrate upon impact, which aids to absorb the shock, but obviously, they can’t be used again after an incident like this. The main drawback of using polystyrene helmets is that they are very easy to damage while in transit; for climbers who tend to be a little insensitive with their equipment, polystyrene helmets might not be the most paramount choice. In addition, they are not idyllic for ice-climbing. However, this kind of helmet is light, comfortable and simply impeccable for rock climbing, where the possibility of more than one impact during a climb is low.

Shopping for a helmet

Once you have done your research and elected for one kind or the other, it is significant to try quite a few diverse helmets on. The mountain climbing helmet should be modifiable, so that it fits firmly on to your head without you requiring doing the chinstrap up. You should be able to move your head marginally and the helmet shouldn’t drop if pushed. Evidently, it also needs to be comfy, as you will be wearing this portion of climbing equipment for numerous hours at a time. It is a worthy idea to bring along a hat when shopping for your climbing helmet, so that you can make sure that the size you buy fits over an extra layer if essential. The aptitude to adjust the size effortlessly is very imperative during a climb, predominantly during alpine climbing, where the temperature can go from warm to cold as you make your way to the top. It is also a worthy idea to search for a model that has a retention system for use with a head torch. For those that will be climbing in dirty conditions or simply have sensitive eyes, a helmet that comes with a screen can be advantageous. You won’t be able to climb at your best if you can’t see appropriately, so it is indeed worth considering this supplementary accessory.