Lotus Notes to Outlook migration is a common scenario in the present IT world. In order to receive the benefits of Outlook, many people switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. After switching, people who are unaware to export file from NSF to PST format. It ultimately hampers the productivity of the users. To help such users, we will discuss NSF to PST migration process. Here, readers will know about multiple methods to perform NSF files to PST conversion. This will solve the problems of Lotus Notes users who want to import Lotus Notes files to Outlook. Let’s learn the reasons for IBM NSF to Outlook PST export.

Reasons for NSF to PST Conversion

Most Lotus Notes users export files to Outlook to avail attractive features of Outlook. However, this is not the only reason for migration. Below are the main reasons for NSF to PST export.

Better Benefits: MS Outlook is more cost-effective and user-friendly than Lotus Notes. Moreover, Outlook allows to configure multiple accounts and provides easy sharing facility. Lotus Notes also lags behind in security measures. All these reasons make more people switch to Outlook from IBM Notes.

Data Synchronization: Users can have one of these emails at home and another in office. Sometimes, people find during switching jobs that two organizations use different emails. Both the situations require data synchronization, which means to transfer NSF files to Outlook PST.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes NSF to PST

There are multiple methods to perform NSF files to PST conversion. We will go through two different methods of NSF to Outlook PST files. One is called manual method and another is called automated method.

Manual Method to Convert NSF Files to PST

In this technique, Lotus Notes NSF files are exported to CSV format and then converted into PST file. Here is the step by step instruction to perform the technique.

First Part: Transferring NSF file into CSV format

To begin with, export your NSF files into CSV file format.

  • Open Lotus Notes on your machine.
  • Click on File tab>> Open>> Lotus Notes Application.
  • Open Application window will appear. Browse to the required file and click Open.
  • The selected IBM NSF file will open. Go again to File>> Export.

  • Export dialogue box will pop up. Enter file name, storage location and select Comma Separated Value for Save as type. Click Export.

  • On CSV Export box, select required options and hit OK.

The selected data gets saved into CSV format in the chosen location.

Second Part: Importing CSV file into Outlook

Now that we have migrated NSF file into CSV, let’s import it into Outlook.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Click on File from Menu bar>> >> Open >> Import

  • Select Import from another program or file option from Import and Export Wizard. Click Next to proceed.

  • Select Comma Separate Value here and click on Next button.

  • Browse to select the CSV files created from NSF files. Select other options according to your demand.
  • Select destination folder in Outlook and click Next.
  • Select the checkbox in ‘Import a file’ box. Users can also map custom fields and change destination at this stage. In the end, click Finish.

CSV file will be successfully saved as Outlook PST file.

Drawbacks of Manual NSF to PST file Conversion

There are several drawbacks of this manual technique. The method is a time-taking one. Only one NSF file can be converted at a time. Users have to allocate a good amount of time to execute this method. Users also have to be knowledgeable about technical aspects to execute the steps successfully. Mishandling can cause data corruption in NSF files. Because of these reasons, manual method is not the suitable method to NSF to PST export.

Automated Method to Export Lotus Notes NSF to PST

Because of the limitations of the manual method, users prefer using automated method to perform this task. The tool effortlessly converts NSF to PST with all data items. This application does not require user supervision at every step. It saves time by converting multiple NSF files to PST at the same time. This software is also very easy to use. Anyone can use this tool with minimum effort. These are the salient features of this program:

  • Converts multiple Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook PST
  • Allows customization while saving the file as PST file format
  • Features Drag & Drop options to import Notes NSF file into Software
  • Successfully retains original properties even after conversion
  • Option to export selected file from Lotus Notes to Outlook


The post attempted to cover all aspects of NSF to PST migration. It discussed multiple methods to perform conversion of Lotus Notes NSF files to PST. We hope that users can execute the methods on their own after reading this write-up. As manual method contains many drawbacks, it is safe to use the automated method. The tool can easily convert multiple numbers of NSF file into PST. Use this software to export NSF to PST and save your precious time.