Have you always dreamed of having a home of your own? A cozy, comfortable abode you can call your own and one in which you can escape from the world and its worries from time to time… then stop dreaming! You can finally own the dream house you have always wanted or fascinated about! How? You just have to contact one of the top real estate developers of  Kolkata and then your journey towards owning one of the most beautiful apartments in West Bengal begins!


Owning a home of one’s own is a dream or fantasy for many and not without reason! Purchasing a home/house is a social status symbol. Many people save money throughout their lives only to afford a home someday. Having a home of one’s own symbolizes security, happiness, wish fulfillment and contentment. Owning a home of one’s own someday is the ultimate dream come true for so many of us.


With the IT ( Information Technology) boom and the rise of the IT sector in Kolkata, the prosperity of the upper middle classes of Kolkata has risen through the leaps and bounds. More than ever now, many people have become more ready to purchase apartments and houses of their own as they have more money to spare. There are currently many luxurious apartments coming on for sale in Kolkata each one more beautiful than the other and each providing excellent amenities. With the help of the right real estate developers, you can find a cozy, luxurious apartment which you can call your own home.


However, there are some parameters an apartment needs to fulfill before it can call itself a luxury apartment. First of all, it needs to be secure. A luxurious apartment always provides an optimum level of security. So these apartments come with certain state of the art securities such as a CCTV installed at every level – like in the garages, in the entry as well as exit points, etc. There are also guards who guard the buildings alertly. The 24×7 security also carries on into the apartments. Various fire safety measures such as LPG leak detectors are installed in the kitchen so that you are alerted to explosions or when something has caught fire.


Another important parameter of luxury apartments is spaciousness. Most luxury apartments are large with lots of space for different activities. These residential apartments come with a lot of space for various activities such as breakfast, tete-a tete etc.


These apartments are located in lush locales surrounded by greenery. The residential complexes are located near a clear and pristine lake. The lakeside is perfect for an afternoon picnic, and the lake is also ideal for many activities such as boating, kayaking, fishing etc. The lake is surrounded by a variety of gardens such as rock garden, sacred garden. Hibiscus garden, a garden for pets etc.

The interior of the apartments is made up of the most luxurious materials. For example, the dining room and the living room have immaculate, polished Italian marble floors. Whereas the floor of the bedroom/boudoir etc are made of the highest quality of Pergo wood.

The residential ownership comes with certain definite facilities. For example you can gain membership to an exclusive club, which consists of a 71 seater private theater, separate swimming pools for both children as well as adults, plenty of arrangements for indoor games such a table tennis, billiard etc as well as fields and pitches for outdoor games such as cricket, football, polo, squash etc. There are plenty of spaces for parties as well. For example, there is a banquet hall with decks where you can hold lavish banquets. There are also huge party terraces which are decorated with beautiful LED lights. There are also rooms which cater to people with every sort of past time or hobby such as chess room, dart room. There are also rooms for toddlers such as tiny tots rooms.


The entire building is constructed in such a way so that it enables optimum use of resources – and provides proper ventilation. There are optimum arrangements for maximum utilization of water, energy and other resources and also conservation of the same. All the rainwater which gets accumulated during the monsoon season gets harvested. Rainwater and wastewater also get recycled to serve as STP, gardening and various other purposes.


These apartments have been set up at a very reasonable price. So that it will be affordable to people from all walks of life in general. Ample arrangements for down payment and installment payment according to the construction schedule have been made so that all payments are comfortable and smooth sailing.

So if you are looking forward to buy apartments in Kolkata then contact one of these top real estate developers based in Kolkata immediately.