Lotus Notes is one the famous email client owned by IBM. It is used for various local and collaborative server applications, that consist of email, calendars, personal information managers (PIM) and the web. In Lotus Notes, data files are stored in NFS format. However, this email client has some cons that are: it is difficult to operate, not appropriate for non-technical users, expensive and has high maintenance cost etc. Thus, many IBM Notes users want IMAP migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365. As Office 365 has many advanced features and is cost-effective so many users are attracted towards it.

So, this content focus on providing a user best way to migrate NSF to Office 365 via IMAP migration without any data loss issue. Here, a third-party tool i.e Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool is discussed to provide a more clear vision to users about the migration process.

Reasons to Migrate Lotus Notes Application to Office 365

There are numerous reasons why users are shifting from Lotus Notes to Office 365. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Extensive Data Storage: A large amount of RAM is needed by Lotus Notes to stock the mailboxes. For most of the users installing the heavy RAM is an expensive way. Thus, for these type of users, Office 365 is the first choice as it requires minor and low-cost RAM.
  2. Synchronization Issues: The most common issue faced by IBM Notes users is the poor synchronization speed with Domino server. It results in inconsistency in the email service and performance degradation.
  3. Formatting Issues: Lotus Notes is not able to provide the HTML/CSS script efficiently. It leads to formatting problems in emails and associated attachments. Data consistency is at the risk while using this application.
  4. Complicated User- Interface: Technical expertise is required to use Lotus Notes due to it complicated user- interface.

Benefits for IMAP migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365

There are many advanced features in Office 365 that make Notes users migrate to Office 365. Some the benefits are given below:

  • Data Integrity is maintained and no data loss issue.
  • The user is allowed to access the on-premise email messages of Lotus Notes from any location.
  • Multiple communication mediums as VOIP calls over the Skype, OneDrive storage etc.
  • User-friendly interface and can be easily operated by a non-technical person.

The process of IMAP Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365

Via IMAP configuration, users can manually choose the mailboxes to move in Office 365.

  1. For migration process first, create a backup of all the NSF files which are to be migrated
  2. Now, for each user profile create a new mailbox
  3. Enable the IMAP settings
  4. Now, launch the Lotus Notes and click on the Browse Domino Administrator >> Configuration tab
  5. Unlock the Server file that runs on IMAP
  6. Now, click on Ports and then click on Internet Ports >> Mail tab
  7. Enable the TCP/IP Port Value Status
  8. After all the changes are done click on the Save button for applying changes
  9. Now, for migration connect to IMAP connector

Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • In Lotus Notes calendar entities cannot be migrated by the manual method. One has to migrate them manually which is a time – consuming process.
  • File size restrictions are associated with IMAP data migration(Maximum 1 GB sized mailbox can be imported to Office 365 manually).
  • Manual approach can’t be used when Lotus Notes client is disabled or if there are some connection issues.
  • High chances of data loss during migration via IMAP connector.
  • Technical expertise is required to migrate data from NSF to Office 365 safely.

Professional Approach

There are many limitations and risk associated with the manual method. To overcome all the drawback of the manual method it is always recommended to a user to go for a trouble free and reliable third party tool that is SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool can easily migrate all the data items of NSF files like emails, calendar, contacts etc. to Office 365 in a very simple and sophisticated way. This application provides a user-friendly interface which makes easy for a user to operate and understand the software. There are no issues of data loss, this tool performs all the operations without harming users data. Just in few clicks, a user can easily migrate data from NFS to Office 365 via this amazing utility.

Wrapping It Up

Office 365 is having many advanced features and functionalities that is why Lotus Notes users are shifting towards it. This write-up is a combination of two approaches one is manual and other is professional. Many risks are associated with manual method one of them is data loss and automatic method is perfect and trusted solution for this task. So, it totally depends on a user which method he/she is going to opt according to there requirement to execute IMAP Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365.