Rediscover luxury like never before, now at  Kolkata. Yes, the ultimate luxurious living is now within reach, located at Kolkata the city of Joy! Some of the top real estate developers of West Bengal have come up with some breathtakingly beautiful, residential apartments – a perfect fit for those who are looking for some of the best luxurious abodes in Kolkata.

These apartments which have been developed by some of the best, most reputed real estate developers,  are the very epitome of luxury living. Spectacularly decorated, lavishly furnished, well lit, and spacious these apartments are everything you can desire in a home. If you want one of these ultra-luxurious apartments near EM Bypass, all you have to do is to contact one of these real estate developers.

When it comes to luxurious or sophisticated living these apartments are a perfect fit. These have been constructed in such a way so that it enables optimum luxurious living. It offers all sorts of conveniences and facilities which you can desire in a home. First of all these apartments are very spacious. There are separate  spaces for different activities like breakfast, tete – tete etc. There are also beautiful terrace like balconies with ready made swing sets where you can just spend some much needed ‘’me’’ time with a cup of coffee…

Another hallmark of luxury apartments is security. No luxury home is complete without ample security measures. So these luxury apartments also offer optimum security measures. There are efficient guards guarding the entry and exits of these apartments, CCTV installation at the garage, entry and exit points . Inside the apartments there are LPG leak detectors which can alert you against a potential gas leakage and prevent an explosion from occurring. There are also fire protection and detection services .

These apartments are located away from the bustle and noises, the crowds of the mainstream city and are located in idyllic, peaceful, serene and sophisticated neighborhoods. Nestled in the midst of lush greenery, away from the crowded and polluted interiors of the city, these apartments provide the perfect haven of comfort and peace.

The rooms have been constructed in such a way so that it allows for maximum play of light and air. And maximum ventilation. These apartments also provides a myriad amount of other facilities such as recycling of used water for STP and other gardening purposes, the rainwater is also harvested after every rainfall to be used for various purposes.

The rooms are indescribably beautiful. They have been tastefully decorated, using the choicest of materials. For example the floors of the rooms such as drawing and dining room are made up of pure  Italian marble. Since marbles – especially pristine white marble has always been looked upon as the epitome of luxury these apartments use the finest quality of marble available . The floors of the interior rooms such as the bedroom are made up of the finest quality Pergo wood.

Since these luxury residences are offering some of the best living experiences, they also come with certain special  facilities for the residents. There is a club exclusively for the residents which come with many delightful facilities like swimming pools for both adults as well as the children . There are elaborate banquet halls with decks where you can have lavish parties for every occasion, there is also a 71 seater private theater, where you can watch the previews of some of the most exciting new film releases easily.

There are also beautiful terraces tailor made for partying and decorated with luminous LED lights. There are ample opportunities to indulge in both indoor games such as table tennis, billiard  as well as outdoor games, such as cricket, football, polo, croquet, etc. There are ample cricket pitches and football courts for outdoorsy games. The residences also provides for other outdoor activities such as rock climbing. There are also gymnasiums for those who are looking to keep fit and lose weight.

There are also various rooms for people with various hobbies such as chess ( chess room), dart game ( dart room) a room for the toddlers (tiny tot room) etc. You thus have full access to a wide range of luxuries at these residences.

These apartments are also reasonably priced so that people from various walks of life can purchase them. These real estate developers offer opportunities for down payments, the entire pricing system is enlisted in the GTC or General Terms and Conditions . For those opting for installment paying there is an attractive payment schedule linked to the construction plan which allows you to complete your payments comfortably.

So if you want to own one of the best residential apartments in Kolkata, then contact one of these real estate developers without fail!