Are you suffering from the problem of duplicate emails in Outlook? Do you want to remove duplicate emails from Outlook? Then, stay with us as we will describe different methods of deleting duplicate emails in Outlook in this post. Microsoft Outlook users often find multiple copies of same email in their mailbox. This problem is not only annoying but also confusing to a great degree. To fix this problem, you can apply various techniques that we will be sharing. Before trying these methods, it will be better for the users to know its reasons. So, let’s begin with the causes and then move to the techniques to remove duplicate emails from Outlook.

Reasons for Duplicate Emails in Outlook

If you are wondering about the reasons for this awkward issue, here are some of the reasons:

  • If “Leave Messages on the Server” is enabled in Outlook Account Settings, users can find multiple copies of a single email in MS Outlook.
  • In case you are using Outlook in multiple devices, this issue can appear due to the synchronization problem.
  • Outlook users can have duplicate emails if Inbox update frequency is set in a short interval.
  • Some settings in your anti-virus software can also be responsible for this problem.

Techniques to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook

It is always better to know multiple techniques of deleting duplicate emails from MS Outlook. We will discuss various methods in this segment. The first four methods are called manual approach and the last one is called the professional approach.

Manual Approaches to Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails

In this section, we will share several techniques that will come in handy to remove duplicate Outlook email problem. The stepwise guideline of these methods are given here:

a) Check Outlook Account Settings

When Outlook users try to configure settings multiple times, it can cause duplicate emails. Fix this issue by changing the setting.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click on File and then select the option Info from the left pane. Select Account Settings.
  3. Click on Mail tab. Look for the configured account name within that tab.
  4. If the Outlook account is configured with the same name for multiple times, remove the extra account. In order to remove the excess account, select Mail Account>> Remove.
  5. Click OK to finish the process.

b) Use Outlook Utility called Clean Up

Users can also try using Clean Up tool that comes as an inbuilt utility with Outlook. This tool can also eliminate Outlook duplicate emails.

  1. Open MS Outlook 2016 on your system.
  2. Select the Inbox folder that contains duplicate emails.
  3. Click on Home menu>> Clean Up. Select from the options of the drop-down menu according to your need.
    • If you want to delete duplicate emails from any specific folder, select Clean Up Folder option.
    • To remove duplicate emails from both folders and subfolders, select the option Clean Up Folder and Subfolders.
    • In order to clean up duplicate messages from a conversation, select Clean Up Conversation.
  4. Once you are done with this step, right-click on the “Deleted Items” folder. Choose Empty Folder option to permanently remove duplicate items in Outlook.

c) Fixing Inbox Update Timing

To avoid the problem of duplicate emails, set the update frequency of Outlook Inbox to a long interval. To set, open Outlook and click on Send/Receive menu. Then select Send/ Receive Groups and click on Define Send/Receive Groups option. From this box, set the value of “schedule automatic send/receive” within 15-30 minutes.

d) Alter Anti-Virus Settings

It is possible that the duplicate emails are caused by anti-virus application. To eliminate duplicate emails, open the anti-virus program on your system and turn off email protection module in it. Wait for MS Outlook to complete some send/receive cycles and see if duplicate emails in Outlook has been removed or not.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

All these manual methods of removing Outlook duplicate item contain some drawbacks. Each method actually targets one particular cause of duplicate emails and tries to resolve it. These methods take quite some time to get performed completely. Moreover, none of the methods can eliminate the problem for sure. For guaranteed removal of duplicate Outlook emails, users should try the professional approach.

Professional Approach to Duplicate Outlook Email Removal

The professional approach of using Outlook Duplicate Remover tool ensures complete solution to Microsoft Outlook duplicate email problem. This software does not have the drawbacks of the manual approach. For this reason, it is preferred by the experts around the world. No matter what is causing duplicate emails in your Outlook, this application can solve it. It has a user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone without any trouble. This tool supports all available versions of Windows OS. All in all, this software is a great option for removing duplicate emails from your Outlook account. These are the highlighted features of this tool:

  • Removes duplicate emails from Microsoft Outlook email
  • Also terminates duplicate contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.
  • Eliminates duplicates from multiple PST files in a batch
  • Removes duplicate items within and across folders
  • Ability to process both ANSI & UNICODE type PST files
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook
  • MS Outlook should be installed as default email client


The topic discussed in this post is not uncommon one. Many users out there want to remove duplicate emails from Outlook. This write-up will come to their aid as it discussed different methods of removing Outlook email duplication. However, due to the success rate of professional approach, it is suggested that users try the tool mentioned here to solve duplicate email problem.