It really is getting more durable and more durable for phone makers to differentiate.

So LG’s latest bright spark appears to be a phone that integrates an ultrasound mosquito repeller in its back hump, in an energy to appeal to customers in India.

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The K7i’s audio emitting gadget operates on a equivalent basis to devices we’ve had for years in the marketplace, which emit ultrasonic waves inaudible to humans, to repel mosquitos. LG currently includes this in other home appliances it makes, such as air-con units and also TVs.

The “Mosquito Away” K7i phone is basically LG’s existing midrange K7 Android smartphone, with all the speaker like a detachable back again scenario.

Once you purchase the K7i, LG will toss within a typical flat scenario that’ll aid your phone suit into a pocket much more easily – but that will also get absent its mosquito-repelling capabilities.

The Rs. 7,990 ($121) device is not planning to impress any person with its specs, actually. Using a five-inch screen effective at lower than Hd resolution, and a mid-range quadcore chip, you happen to be much better off looking at other gadgets in the marketplace that will not expense much much more.

This 1 appears much more suited for an aged user who’d begin to see the mosquito gimmick like a beneficial addition.