Edge Screen Tips For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Edge screen is name which Samsung use to functions which can be applied on edges of screen. Here is how you can do it like an expert.

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Managing Edge Screen Content

Go to settings—display—edge screen, tap to select edge panels that you need to turn on. Else, swipe in open edge screen, tap cog bottom center. By this you can remove or add the content, and download the other content. To get best result, do not have many panels, else you just unlock your phone to go direct. For Note 8 there is smart option which allow access to S Pen functions.

Change applications in applications edge: One of the edge panel offers you application shortcuts. This implies brisk access to up to 10 applications. As above, head into edge boards and tap EDIT at the base of applications edge. You would then be able to bin the Samsung’s recommendations and load it with your own applications, as Pokemon Go or whatever else you have to get to rapidly.

Use Apps Pair to dispatch two applications at the same time: another feature on the Note 8 is App Pairing. This will give you a chance to make twofold alternate ways to dispatch two applications in split screen mode. Go to edit menu, tap “make apps pair” upper left. You would then be able to choose two applications you will need launch at the same time.

Change the size and location of edge screen handle: This is critical. As the Note 8 is a major phone, it’s extremely valuable to have the capacity to change the area of the edge screen launcher tab. Go to edit menu, tap menu upper right and then press handle settings. This gives you a chance to change the handling to left/right, the area along the edge, size and transparency. Change it 100 for a cent transparent to make it vanish, so you do not have that little bar too ugly. This way you can be able to manage to change them easily.

Select Apps which will have the edge lighting flash: When you need particular apps for using edge lighting, go to settings and tap edge lightings—manage notifications. By this you can change color or size of flash so that it will not be too much distracting. For more advise on Note 8 Dubai version come again on this blog.

galaxy note 8 dubai