Seeing how the technology is advancing everyday it would be difficult to imagine a world without computers. Computers have really transformed the traditional ways of communicating, doing work and business. The main advantage of computers is that large number of work and tasks can be performed quickly and effectively which is the basis of growth and profitability from business point of view. Computers are indispensable equipment of all the offices, factories and warehouses.

An ordinary computer is built of many internal components which each have unique functions and purpose. The computers are further connected with other input, output and periphery devices to enhance and improve quality of work. The inside of the computer consists of a central processing unit (CPU) which performs all the computing and algorithm functions, a motherboard and a hard drive that stores all the data that is performed by the person on the computer. A hard drive is main component of the computer without which the computer cannot function. When a person decides to buy a computer he definitely want to purchase the computer with high storage capacity. It is not a big concern if the computer lacks in storing capabilities as a person can buy hard drives online.

Now a days online shopping is a very easy and convenient way to purchase anything from electronic gadgets to clothes to shoes to books and other household items. There are wide range of hard drives available from different brands and different storing capacity. A person can not only buy hard disk online but browse through other computer accessories which he may need for his or her use. There are three main categories of hard drives namely the internal, external and portable hard drives and each have different data storage configuration and capacity.