During the rainy season and in the wake of storms and hurricanes the most important thing that home owners do is protect the roof of their house. There are tarpaulins or more commonly known as tarps which are necessary to secure the roof during and after the storm. The water accumulation and forceful winds can damage the roof surfaces resulting in leaks and costly repairs.

The most common of the tarps are the blue roof cover which are very visible on almost every house during an upcoming storm or hurricane. The blue tarps are the best solution to shield the roof surface from rainwater to accumulate. The blue roof cover can also be used as car covers, storage covers apart from being used as protection on the roof of the houses and buildings.

The blue roof cover are made from polyethylene material with big mesh gauze which helps to resist the water and any other type of mold and mildew growth which is common where there is moisture. The blue roof cover is available in wide range of size and designs, the covers can be brought according to the length and breadth of the roof or the covers can be customized. The covers are economical, can last longer and require minimum maintenance.

The blue roof cover are installed or placed on the roof of the house quickly without much difficulty. Pieces or planks of wood are used which are secured to the roof with nails and then the blue sheeting of the covers is unfolded and tied firmly or nailed with the wooden planks. The strength of the blue roof cover should be checked thoroughly and any loose ends should be fixed as the stormy winds could easily uproot the blue roof cover.