Hacking has become a hobby to most tech lovers. Most of the geeks who have tried a bunch of other stuff have moved on to hacking as a way to pass time. Though most of them are in it for the thrill, some just want to see whether it is possible for them to rob a bank.

Whatever your reason is to want to join the world of hacking, it is better for you to know what has been exaggerated before getting your hopes up. There are lots of false information about hacking that have made people think differently about hacking.

Depending on which types of movies you watch, the level of false impression you may have varies significantly. This is because most, if not all of the hacking misinterpretations are usually from films.

For example; a person watching the good doctor may at first think that it is the most genius TV show ever. However, for a person who watched, or is watching House MD, knows that the good doctor is a load of bull.

The same goes for Scorpion and Mr. Robot. I think you already know which one you should stop watching. So back to the myths being spread:

Hacking is a Fluid Procedure

Before a doctor could determine a diagnosis of a disease, some tests have to be conducted and some questions have to be asked. That is how hacking operates. Several tests have to be done before you even begin hacking.

For example, for you to hack a server, you must know what it is running on. You cannot use the same procedure for hacking a server running on Apache on a server running on Windows Server.

For most of you who believe that you could just hack anything as long as it is what it is, you really need a change of hobbies. Hacking involves various initial tests and many of them will fail, so please Scorpion writers, please stop lying to your folks.

Pro Hackers Can Hack Everything in Seconds

Have you ever seen those TV shows or movies at which a hacker just turns on a laptop, presses two buttons, some terminal pops up and after a few lines of commands which were being typed at lightning speed, the hacking is complete? I bet that show’s name starts with an S and ends with an N.

The process of hacking takes time. Unless you already knew every detail of the machine or server you are trying to hack, there is no way you hack it in seconds. But if you already knew all the details about it, that would not be hacking, would it?

In fact, there is a lot of challenges to expect while hacking something. First of all, there is something that we call a firewall that keeps you from accessing the target’s file system.

You will first need to finish up with the Firewall, and the next step would be injecting your spyware a=or malware into the system. How unlucky you will be if you find a spyware/ malware remover installed.

An antimalware program will keep removing your malware as soon as it is injected, leaving you with no option but moving on to another PC.

Hacking can always be done with a PC

I once laughed when I saw a person booting Mac OS on his laptop and tried to hack a local WEP WiFi network. I don’t know where he saw that was possible, but I guess I already have an idea.

Most of the Wireless hacking… or any other in fact, is done on Linux. To be more specific, Kali Linux is the only OS dedicated for this sort of thing. Kali Linux has amazing tools that are used to make the process of hacking successful.

Knowing that Kali Linux exists doesn’t make you a hacker, NO! You may also need some other items to hack someone else: First you need a chainsaw… just kidding.

Depending on what you are doing, there are devices that create a bridge between you and the target. You can learn more about these devices from research (I don’t want the FBI on my radar). Speaking of the FBI;

You can hack the FBI, banks, etc. with a laptop

I bet most of you believed that this was actually true. Most of the action films being made show some guys in a black van with laptops and WiFi hacking CCTVs and networks without anything else.

Come on… If that was possible, so many hackers would already have done that. The network of such organizations are usually secured with more hardware than what your dual core laptop could match.

Of course, hacking them is possible, as everything has its weakness, but not quite as advertised. You will need those devices which I will not mention, and maybe some EMP device to disrupt the machine and cause a reboot. The reboot should be your gateway through, but you still have lots more to do.