Add extra value and functionality to your video installation by extending your system with any of our XProtect Add-on products. The XProtect Add-ons work out-of-the-box and allow you to create custom surveillance solutions for specific industry needs such as combining video with access control or linking video with transaction data. The software can manage installations with cameras spread across different physical locations. The software is designed so recording servers can be situated at remotes sites while still providing the users a single-point of access to all cameras across all sites in the entire installation. Customized and localized surveillance solutions offering extended functionality and integration. ucpartners are available for any system complexity or size – small, medium or enterprise. Free version software for small businesses and private residences Easy installation with one-step installation process Automatic configuration wizard removes time delays and challenges Automatic camera discovery detects and configures new cameras that are added to an existing system Features XProtect Smart Client that gives access to live and recorded video, search capabilities and evidence export Supports up to eight cameras, one user and retains video for five days Supports more than 1,500 cameras, including many USB cameras and even your computer’s built-in web camera.