For all women, they need loving care from the loved ones in their families. Therefore, you should spend a lot of time with your woman. The women include extremely successful people, to those who are always just at home taking care of their children. It may be that they are different in social status, but from the depths of their hearts they are always fragile and weak. That is why they always want to be interested in sharing and being loved.

It is because of the honor of beauty and good things because of that our country has two days for women that are October 20 and March 8. However, many people mistakenly think that these days women will love giving flowers, giving presents, but the reality is not so, but what they need is the love words, the attention of the man to spend For them.

Men are often asked: “What do women need in men?” In particular, they always think that women are very difficult to understand and complex. Sometimes women say no, say the frame is there, it is these things that cause the beard to scratch his head. However, if you are a little subtle you will find that women are not as hard to understand as you are thinking, because the things that women need is the person you are, is your sincerity for they.

So, there’s no need for expensive gifts, or big diamond rings, but you need to have the following points to make your woman feel happier than all the others.


For a woman, lying is unacceptable, so never want a man to lie to them especially on important issues. Because they want to be your share of the joys, sorrows, burdens of life, and want to be an important part of your life. So, they want to know how your life is going, whether it’s a problem or not, and whether you trust her or not. Especially women are always sensitive so they will easily know if the man is lying to them or not, in a very subtle way. So you should be honest and straightforward to them so to give them a sense of security.


Sharing and understanding are all things that a woman wants. By having multiple instances your woman will not want to explain anything. What they want is you to understand her, thus proving that you love her really. For each one we want to assert our existence in the heart of the other. So understanding that is a clear affirmation that you are always in the minds of the people they love.


Concern means you are anxious and caring for her, so for women, your loving care gestures will help her understand how much you love her. Sometimes each of us does not know how to care for ourselves, so we need someone to share the burden, to get together to love. Women are weak, so they may be weak and in need of protection, so be on the lookout for care and work with them. You can spend your free time with her everyday work, just light but she will feel great and feel loved and loved every day.


Women always want their men to be healthy, so that they can protect the family, not weak do not do anything. So they say they need a good man both physically and mentally. So they will always feel a solid support, so that they can feel secure. That is why strong men are often attracted to women at first sight.

Therefore, in order to be a strong supporter of your wife, you have to show yourself as a man who can handle every problem. Take responsibility for your work, complete it the best, rather than evade it.


Besides, women do not just want men to love for her own, but for everyone, but for the opposite sex, you should have a certain limit for yourself. If you are a good-hearted man, help those around you to be admired and appreciated, loved by so many. In spite of this, but in life and people there are two sides of it, not always you can be kind, but you definitely do not lose your goodness and humanity. . That is the expression of your heart.

Financial solid

For a woman you do not have to be a millionaire; however you have to show your woman that you can take care of her life, along with her children later. For the women they always need a man with the will to rise up, although you are not wealthy at first, but when you have the will do everything, and will be the support for your woman as well as your family.

Give her the only love

About love, you must let her be the only one. Because women always want to be special and unique, so you should not have any thoughts for anyone else. If you have another intention, she will probably let you leave her life. Because each of us has a big ego and so does a woman. She always wants to be in your eyes but she does not want anyone else, they are the most beautiful and most loved. Therefore, you praise her beautiful, as well as say love words every day, so she feels your love is forever and never go away but just filled up in years.

That is why it is so important for women to love and care, so it is not necessary to pay special attention to her every holiday. You use it every day, you can spend it. free time in a week to take her to dinner, or the whole family spend time together. Make sure just such simple things, but be sincere, your woman will feel she is the happiest in the world.