Today, Oculus reported that its independent VR headset model, the Santa Cruz, will be accessible to designers in the following year. The organization didn’t give additionally points of interest of when precisely that would be, yet they were giving demos of its most recent model at its Oculus Connect gathering and I could take the most recent variant for a turn.

I was awed with the demo I had a year ago of the early model, despite the fact that it was an entirely constrained evidence of-idea more than whatever else. So I was eager to see that Facebook has gained huge ground in the most recent year.

The headset I demoed a year ago felt especially like a work in advance: its processors and fans were connected to the posterior and there were numerous obvious wires. I wasn’t permitted to photo the form I saw today, however it felt substantially more like a completed item — the greater part of the wires, cameras, and segments were contained in the headset. Get more accurate information