So in the 2018, one of the foremost questions in the digital world is which company will lead the website domain business in 2018. Fortunately, we are the generation which is witnessing some of the biggest technological transformations in the world. We have seen the emergence of the internet to our dependence on it. That is why we have become habitual to know more about technology and the digital world at the start of every year and this is the answer to that.

So if you have a plan to launch your own website this year to get some perks out of the digital world, then in the next lines I am going to list down few of the most promising companies from which you can find the best website domain names in 2018.


Undoubtedly the coolest and most famous among all website domain name providers in the industry. According to the current data, the GoDaddy has more than 54 million domain names which shockingly translates into only 16% of market share. This ICANN accredited company is operating worldwide with all the classic domain name extensions and provide unlimited options from which you can choose the name of your next website.


Not as much famous as the GoDaddy but competitive in service quality. The Enom is on the second spot when it comes to most domain names under the belt. The Enom has around 12 million domain names spreading worldwide with the 3.6% of market share which is quite big by considering the market competitiveness.