If you are looking for a Shopify Designer for your eCommerce site, the expert team at 1Digital Agency will elevate your website using Shopify Plus. With headquarters in both Philadelphia and Montreal, the full-service 1Digital Agency can assist with design, website development, and branding strategy.

Merchants with high growth and volume are flocking to Shopify Plus as their eCommerce platform. Shopify’s reputation as a reliable cloud-based service for over half a million businesses speaks for itself. However, when your company wants customization, you’ll need to move up to Shopify Plus, which is the better option for custom storefronts. You will need a Shopify designer that understands the platform to make your site shine.

Shopify Plus Partners
1Digital Agency is a Shopify Plus partner, working side by side with your team to create the eCommerce site your business needs. This comprehensive digital agency will handle all aspects of your Shopify store, including theme customization, custom design, conversion optimization, migrations, SEO, and digital marketing.

As Shopify Plus experts, they can create your store quickly, provide unique customizations that help you stand out in your market, and provide reliable, ongoing support for you as a valued customer. The team at 1Digital Agency has been working closely with Shopify since 2012, and they have earned their position as a preferred Shopify Plus partner.

Whether you are currently using Shopify and are ready to upgrade, are already on Shopify Plus, or are just starting out, look no further than 1Digital Agency for the support you need for your eCommerce site. 1Digital can also help your business with API integration and app development. They will guide you through the entire design and implementation process, and their ongoing support after launch eliminates worry for their clients.

An example of the power of 1Digital Agency to transform an existing Shopify site is their work with Vapaura. After redesigning their site to help them stand out among competitors, the agency got to work on SEO and digital marketing to support the new vape company in gaining traction in a tight market with many advertising restrictions. Vapaura has seen a considerable increase in their search results and site traffic, and they credit 1Digital’s work on their Shopify site for their success.

If your eCommerce site wants a unique, well-designed site, the Shopify designers at 1Digital Agency fit the bill. They can build a responsive site, support your ongoing digital marketing efforts, and provide you with support at every turn.

The Advantages of Shopify Plus
One of the advantages of selecting Shopify Plus as your eCommerce platform is the speed at which you’ll see your vision launch. In three to four months, you can go from an idea to accepting orders, tapping into a global marketplace with millions of potential buyers. Shopify Plus’ built-in features include custom gift cards, clone stores included with your site, a flash sales platform, and unprecedented server reliability.

A qualified Shopify designer will be able to help your eCommerce site enjoy of all Shopify Plus’ great features. Because Shopify Plus is fully customizable, you can take advantage of conversion optimization techniques for all points of your customers’ online visits, including the checkout process. Because Shopify Plus works with 99.99% uptime, you can trust that your site will be working perfectly for every customer, every day.

Your designer can help you set up and customize Shopify Plus’ newest feature, Shopify Flow. This back-end platform integrates seamlessly with your store and includes timesaving automations that will help you boost productivity and manage your inventory. All of this is fully customizable to your store’s needs and can save you time and money, improving your bottom line.

The team of professional marketers at 1Digital Agency is ready to help you build the Shopify Plus site your customers want. Contact their Shopify design team today to find your eCommerce solutions.

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