As the number of papers is increasing in every academic course, students today look for Australian assignment help more than the bygone decade. However, the issue that most universities are facing is plagiarism. Students are submitting plagiarized papers or blatantly copying content and pasting it making few changes here and there.

With the evolution of the academic writing services, students can now order any assignment with a mouse click. The service providers claim to make a proper plagiarism check of the assignment, but yet the professors understand that the paper is plagiarized as they have knowledge, experience and superb observation skills.

Even proofreading services today are providing plagiarism checks of the papers using the latest software that detects it. Yet, even this cannot now save the students. The present situation is like a battlefield. However, the universities have already started to reassess their methods of judging students’ merits by finding new ones.

Here is what they have come up with.


Demonstration of skills in front of examiners

The academic institutes have introduced a new method of assessing students. Instead of writing assignments, students have now personalized assessments. Professors are now designing customized tests where students are asked to make a presentation or do a practical activity. They have to make a demonstration of their skills and knowledge in front of the examiners. The examiners will be observing, asking questions and students have to answer them. Grades and marks will be given accordingly.

The academic institutes are 100% positive on this method. As per their version, students will not be able to borrow others work as they have no scope to copy. They have to stand on the spot and do what is asked.

Writing an assessment paper

Another method which the universities have developed is asking students to write an assignment be it an essay or report and make an oral presentation of it. The topic will be stated on the spot. The examiners will be asking questions based on the presentation. This will help to manage the issues of plagiarism because even though the students will have access to the Internet, they will not be able to contact the writing service providers and ask for help.

Oral presentations and group work

The universities have also come up with oral presentations and group work to stop plagiarism and encourage students to make their brains work. The activity questions are given on the spot thus having no time and opportunity to contact the service providers.

Thus, to check plagiarism, the universities rather academic institutes are working on the plagiarism issue. The above mentioned points are few methods that they have come up with in the form of personal assessments.