With a start-up or an already established company, generating leads in an upfront market scenario has become almost equally complicated in nature. Both inbound and outbound lead generation in sales and marketing encompass multiple distinct factors like collecting and assessing relevant information, targeting customers and getting leads fulfilled and finally evaluating quality leads in a streamlined process.

Lead generation technically involves purchasing leads in some cases, telephonic setting up of appointment, webinars, convincing via digital platforms like social media, video conferences and Skype, and other relevant techniques like asking for referrals and organizing a product or service workshop. However, it is not the cakewalk for a sales development representative. With top market professionals constantly at loggerheads for lead and channel sales generation, it becomes crucial for an effective sales rep to identify potential leads and follow them up rigorously to accelerate more profit for the company.

#Top 3 Ways Of Generating Leads In The Sales Segment

There is an umpteenth number of ways in which lead for channel sales or personal product selling can be generated. The top methods of lead gen include the following indispensable points which can make or break the reputation of any company:

1# The referred lead generation programs

Lead generation through active and effective referrals is one of the first and foremost ways in which leads are procured and channelized.

The worst fact is that most of the sales development representatives do not have the prerequisite as to why and how they will generate the leads. Nobody really cares to bring his or her brother, sister or father as a part of the lead. Through a consistent effort in building stability, trust, and credibility, an expert sales development representative can channelize more referrals for future.

They can make themselves referable and then the multi-layered lead generation system that can process and churn out high-quality prospects.

Checking the qualitative prospects of an existing database and then creating a new one, is yet another mind-blowing way to channelize a profitable future for the entire company or organization.

2# Educational workshops and motivational symposiums

Lead generation is a multifaceted process. Generally, when a sales rep is new in a company, it remains the responsibility of the organizers to work for the educational and qualitative aspects of ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’ to generate ‘which’ leads. In actual case, the general customers feel more at ease when they do not have to meet the sales professional in a face to face way. They feel more comfortable when there is a workshop or they have to come for a group symposium. Moreover, this process is less expensive, as the cost of venue and few marketing tools will only be required.  The educational workshops are quite crucial in generating leads as the leads get generated in large numbers and as a further process, the prospective leads can also be contacted via Skype, video conferences, optimizing information through Twitter and automating marketing through reliable websites.

3# Talking to lead groups and offering company or service booklets and information reports and charts

Generating major sales leads for a particular company can sometimes be exhausting due to the lack of innovative quality and technique.

  • Two or more innovative techniques should not be at loggerhead with each other. On the contrary, there should be an all-inclusive synthesis of materials related to lead groups.
  • Sales development professionals can indulge in professional communication with other professionals by constituting lead gen groups. A lead generation exchange group consists of business professionals who meet once or twice a week to discuss generation and channelization of leads.
  • They carry on discussions and talks on how to generate inter-company leads and who will bring the next week lead and how that lead will generate more leads in months to come.
  • There is another crucial way to generate successful leads. Free reports, reviews, product information booklets and an easy-to-understand sales chart can instantly induce the prospective buyers and customers to have a look at a product. Who are the targeted zone, why will they buy the products are reference questions that a sales rep must be aware of.

Lead generation also involves going through active and passive databases of powerful consumers and then collating the current market trends to set up a sequential flow of more fruitful leads. With the World Wide Web all around us, generating leads through Google or Yahoo apps, locating prospective customers and selling through digital media platforms all are quite common now. Giving special offers, coupling, and bundling of offers and direct calling to generate leads have become obsolete methods now. In order to generate leads to new series, sequences and categories of customers, therefore, the sales development professionals must come up with something that is exhaustive yet the first and the best of its variety.

However, there are other fasters ways to generate business leads. So, if you want to look beyond these 3 Lead generation tactics that we have discussed earlier, you can take a look at these amazing lead generation tips –

Customized Emails

You might have hundreds and thousands of emails lying dormant in the data base but that does not means sending mass emails to those email ids is going to help you mop up a massive amount of revenues. The truth is almost 99% of those email ids will not even open your email let along visiting your website or landing page after clicking on the Call to Action Button.

Just having a large database of email ids is not enough, you need to master the art of lead nurturing before launching the marketing blitzkrieg. As sales development representative, it is your duty to send customized emails to your targeted audience time to time so that they don’t feel neglected. Don’t forget to send reminder emails to those emails ids who have opened your email but have not contacted you so far. Use a free CRM software to track the behaviour of the audience so that you can customize the emails further.

Find Your Customers

You need to understand this very carefully that there are prospects beyond the email data base that has been handed over to you by your boss or marketing department.  To find new customers that are looking for the products that your company is selling, you first need to identify the places where your customers gather around. If you have no idea, you need to spy on your competitors and try to figure out what kind of marketing tactics they are employing to reach out to their targeted audience.

Once you have identified your targeted audience, you have to start using CRM analytics tools to gather as much information about those people as possible. A free CRM application should provide you these details – age of the targeted audience, gender, average annual income, online interaction, browsing history, spending behaviour, past purchase records etc.

These data can prove immensely effective and valuable when you will be launching a marketing campaign to generate leads. Thanks to these data, now you have better understanding of your customers and their purchase behaviour and therefore, it is easy for you to customize the marketing campaign accordingly.

Use Social Media

Social media is the best place to scout for prospect. People like hang out there and therefore, it is the best place to reach out to them without making it look like a blatant promotional attempt. And don’t spend all your time on a single platform. People are using Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and so on. You need to be everywhere to identify your customers.