4 Secrets to Improve Your Viewer Count

4 Secrets to Improve Your Viewer Count

Are you active on YouTube for years now? Have you got stuck at a particular number of subscribers and somehow the number is not increasing? Have you uploaded a variety of content and yet there are a limited number of views? Well, then this article is for you.

The first thing about being a YouTuber is learning to have patience. Remember, nothing can happen overnight and an entire city was not built in a day. So similarly, you need to have patience when you are trying to become famous through social media. If you are not someone who is widely popular, then it will take you some time. However, patience always brings perseverance. So, if you stick by and do all your hard work, you can surely gain the fame you want to.

Below are described a few tricks by following which you can improve your viewer count as well as a number of subscribers.

  1. Be active on various social media platforms: If you are trying to become a social media star, remember that limiting yourself to one particular platform won’t garner you any hype. So, make sure you share your video to other social networking sites especially Facebook because it has the maximum number of active users. Now, that doesn’t mean you will upload your videos separately on each platform. Use a YouTube to a Facebook converter to directly convert and share the video on Facebook. In that way, you can reach a large scale of an audience in a short span of time. Encourage your friends and followers to share your content as much as possible.
  2. Thumbnails: For your YouTube videos, choose a thumbnail that represents your content well. It is advisable that instead of simply capturing an image from your video and setting up as a thumbnail, you should get a customised YouTube thumbnail. You can create it or seek the help of an expert. The thumbnail should be unique, attractive and a true symbol to your content. When you are using a converted video on Facebook, make sure you get a customised YouTube to Facebook thumbnail which will be more clear and larger than the YouTube’s thumbnail.
  3. Interact with your subscribers: Make sure you reply to your subscribers personally because they demonstrate your fan base. Once you start interacting with them personally, they will feel that connection with you. And due to this, they will help in sharing your content on their profiles through which you can reach out to more people and gain some more followers. You can also post ‘video responses’ including some fan comments where people can see how many views you have got so far and that will increase their likelihood to watch your video.
  4. Topical Content: If you can make a video related to any of the ongoing situation or trend right now, then you have a higher chance of getting popular. People will naturally stream your video to know more and in that way, your videos will get more views. Even if it is not a topical content, make sure your content is unique and something that is never seen before.

With these hack tricks; you can surely improve your view count.

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