The app developers and marketers know the challenge to get their app ranking high in the search engine. Over time many developers have realized the importance of optimizing their app that can enhance the visibility of their app.

App Store optimization in literal means to optimize the app for greater discoverability and to make it appear on the top search result of the App Store. The ASO marketing trend is increasing and becoming the main focus of the developers. This is becoming more of a challenge for the developers out there to develop an app that gets discovered easily and gets top ranking in the App Store. The whole process can be a crucial task and having a great ASO strategy can effectively improve your app ranking. However, if you have a good ASO strategy and If your app fails to rank high in search engine then chances are you’re making some common mistakes. Due to common major mistakes and misconceptions, an app’s discoverability will get affected badly.

In this article, we’re going to highlight five common deadly App Store optimization mistakes that developers should avoid at all cost that ruin their app business.

1) Doing ASO when you need and leaving after getting results

One of the major mistakes that developers tend to attempt is that they stop doing App store optimization once they get the desired results. This is a common yet stupid mistake anyone can make. They tend to overlook bringing any further changes believing they will get the results in a continuous flow. This is where the developers go wrong they should never stop their efforts and keep on bringing new changes and improvements to give users reason to install your app. Being satisfied with the results doesn’t mean you stop working on it, ASO is not one-time thing. Instead, it needs continuous effort to maintain the app ranking. Hence, it’s essential to never stop working and your continuous hard work will certainly pay off.

2) Over stuffing Keywords

Keywords selection can be a bit crucial in ASO, deciding which keyword to select that can bring high ranking and which one to dismiss. The app developers make the silly mistake of stuffing the keywords which gives a poor impression to the users. Another mistake that the developers make is targeting high volume keywords thinking that they will drive the expected results. Instead of using high volume keywords developers should focus on using keywords that are relevant to their app category, have high search volume and low competition.

3) Changing the app title frequently

Some app owners make the mistake of their app title too often to get their app rank high in search engine. This is a common silly mistake which can harm your app ranking. Once your app name has been decided it should not be changed, the keywords should be adjusted with the title and description. Frequently changing your app title will lose its value because once your app gets good ranking people will download your app and will leave good reviews and ratings which will prompt other users to install the app. if the app title has been changed the users it will become difficult for you to spread the word. It’s better to take ample time in deciding an app title and stick to it in the long run.

4) Neglecting, icons, previews, graphics elements

The title and icons are the first things that get a user sees in the app. The first impression should be appealing and attractive to the user’s eye. An app that contains an icon, previews, and graphic elements have great potential to grab the user’s eye and prompt the users to install the app immediately. An app should be made is a presentable way which identifies what your app does and entice the users to check out your app. From app icon to app title and description, everything should be alluring and persuasive to stop the users without leaving downloading your app. Choose a color theme that looks professional and don’t forget to add screenshots and previews to let users know what’s in the store for them. Convince them that they’ll get a favorable experience when they download your app.

5) Not updating app regularly

Regular app updates are what keeps the users going. Mobile app developers are always in wait of new app updates according to their feedback. They are always looking forward to app considering their feedback and bringing an improvement. This is where the app developers go wrong when they don’t consider the user’s feedback. If your update doesn’t get updated frequently there will be no reason left for the users to use your app. Whereas an app getting regular updates tend to get positive feedback and reviews. The developers should avoid this common mistake by updating their app frequently and encouraging people to install the updates as well. Having five star ranking on the app identifies that users find your app great and a lot of users are using your app which convinces more users to download your app.

In conclusion

There’s a cutthroat competition in the app market and everyone is trying to get their app rank high in the search engine. It’s essential for every app developer to have the correct ASO marketing strategy and avoid all the dumb mistakes that can harm their app business. Whether you’re planning to develop an app or whether you have developed an app you must note these tips and avoid these mistakes that can become a reason for your app failure.

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