If you travel back a decade or so, you’ll come across older versions of today’s technology. What you’ll find common among older devices, particularly phones, is the fact they’ll be accessed via wires. You’d have to drag around the whole telephone set, with the receiver glued to your ear, unable to go further than the terminal point allows.

That was before a breakthrough occurred in the telecommunications field. I’m referring to the dawn of the wireless technology. This innovation efficiently removed the limitations that wired tech possessed, delivering refined connectivity to the consumers. People no longer had to worry about the wires wearing out over time, restraining their mobility, and interfering with the tech experience. All they had to do was press a button, and they could move around freely, carrying their gadgets along with them.

Now, however, we’re standing in the boom of the wireless phase, which is converting nearly every corded device into a wireless wonder. From telephones, we have successfully upgraded to super-sleek smartphones, which can fit in a pocket. From bulky desktop computers, we have advanced to laptops and tablets, which can literally be taken across seas without much trouble. Similarly, from wired headphones, we have traversed to wireless headsets, working on the ever-improving Bluetooth technology. Still, the debate is ongoing whether one should choose wireless headsets over the wired ones. Let the following reasons convince you in the favor of the game-changing Bluetooth headsets, which are far better than the traditional wired ones.

1.  No More Wire Hassle

Suppose you’re getting late for your gym session, you turn your room upside down looking for the headset, which you finally find cramped up in your bedside table drawer along with other gadgets. Extrication is next to impossible, as the wire jumble is enough to bring a grown man to tears. That is one of the greatest flaws in the wired design, the fact they can get hopelessly messed up, no matter how hard you try to organize them. However, this trouble is removed with Bluetooth headsets, which sync up with your Bluetooth-friendly devices and provide a smooth, wire-free experience. Now, you can simply pick up your wireless headsets and be on your way. No more messing around with annoying wires

2.  Increased Portability

It’s bright and early in the morning and you wish to do some yoga while listening to soft, meditation tunes. But there’s a hurdle. Your mobile is in charge and the headset wire is not long enough for free and flexible movement. What do you do? Throw out the wired headset and get a wireless one. Yes, a Bluetooth headset provides a highly portable connectivity over a wider range than a wire. Now, you can easily connect your wireless headsets with your systems and listen to music, make calls, watch a movie etc. from across the room, without being restrained by a hooked wire, in both your personal and professional spaces.

3.  Longevity and Durability

You’re traveling in a bus and listening to some Metallica when there is a sudden jerk and the headset wire comes under dangerously sharp strain. Or you’re taking your usual evening jog, and you bend down to fix your shoelace, oblivious of the headset wire, which undergoes a strong pull and breaks free. Or you’re watching a movie on your laptop over your Time Warner Spectrum or other connection, get up to go to the bathroom, forgetting about the hooked headsets, which fall off to the floor. My point is that wired headsets are prone to damage, because of their physical limitations. Bluetooth headsets last much longer, because there is less tug and pull in their case, which is precisely why you should choose them. They’re a good investment.

4.  Better Compatibility

In the progressive world of today, you have to keep up with the ever-changing technological trends in order to survive. The past is outdated. Many smartphone models being released these days do not have an audio jack in them. How are you possibly going to connect your wired headsets with such devices? That is why it is preferable to adopt the wireless technology and go for such headsets that operate over the Bluetooth tech that is incorporated in nearly all the modern gadgets. Just sync your futuristic headphones with the target device and enjoy a stable, wire-free experience.

5.  Outdoor Utility:

People who go on a training-binge that includes yoga, cardio, running, rowing, dancing etc. know how vital the presence of music is to their whole session. That is why you often see people listening to music on their headsets while jogging in the park. But if those headsets are wired, outdoor activities become difficult, as wires can get tangled and break off. On the other hand, Bluetooth headphones don’t have wires and offer better outdoor utility.

So, you see? Wireless headphones are much better than the wired ones, as the aforementioned reasons show.