Commercial activities, i.e. trade of products online, or using the internet is e-commerce. It employs technologies such as mobile commerce and online marketing. When we purchase books or music online, we are participating in e-commerce.

To manage your e-commerce store, you need to be aware of the ways in which you can make most of your goods and improve your trade. The answer to this is making use of data analytics. Here are five reasons you should use data analytics in your e-commerce store.

  1. One can only grow if they are not only aware of the history of successes and understanding of the trading process but also keeping up with the advancements in technology and society and their shopping patterns. When your store starts developing, you will recognise patterns, and you will be able to understand them better with data analytics. Once you start recognising patterns, they can be utilised in ways that make the best use of your products and targeting customers in ways that lead to maximum sale, hence maximum profit.


  1. There is a vast collection of data to track, we need to utilise it in better ways. Collection of data is never a problem. The problem lies in drawing useful information and conclusions from the data and processing them in meaningful ways to obtain maximum profit.


Collecting quantitative and qualitative data is where e-commerce analytics starts. The next thing you need to do is to make it usable, by correlating it with the information we already have and overlapping this information with context.


  1. The analysis of data may be subjective at times. It may be interpreted by different people in different ways; hence absolute data is preferred over relative data. But one must also be able to relate the data, as it is critical to correctly interpreting the information obtained.


  1. Online tools are good for getting a basic idea, but for in-depth analysis, one needs to have prior knowledge and the ability to interpret the new information obtained with respect to the previous information he has. Analytics platforms should not be relied on, as they may distort your judgment.



  1. Let’s take an example of a very successful online ecommerce store to prove our point.


4wheelparts is an online e-commerce store for jeep winches, oversized jeep and truck tyres and BF Goodrich. It makes use of data analytics in the development of their trade. From the quality of products to the prices, they have carefully curated the website after a lot of research and data analytics. This gives them an edge over other websites and online stores.

They facilitate you to find the exact product you are looking for by providing search options of the exact year, category, brand and other such filters, making it tremendously easy for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.


The most important part of a jeep or truck is their tyre. They distinguish them from all other vehicles. The pattern of their treads, the quality, these are the things one keeps in mind while purchasing tires. 4wheelparts have the newest and best brands in their stock. They have a huge variety to choose from, including all-terrain tires, swamper tires, BFGoodrich ATs and even ATV tires. You will find all these in a variety of sizes at -.


They have oversized tires for jeeps and trucks with computer-enhanced treads, durable material, and a huge stock, to choose from. They seal the deal with their attractive prices at -.


They carry the complete range of ATV, hydraulic and electric winches, and a large selection of winch accessories, from the best brands to choose from. Check out -

They easily prove just how important data analytics is, in making the best out of your e-commerce shop.