Productivity mainly decreases when you are working with slow and outdated versions. The outdated version limits the maximum potential to which an application can be used. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has taken care of all the major flaws which hinder the productivity.

What is Microsoft SharePoint Certification?

The MCSE level SharePoint certification is that qualification which expertise the individual with skills to collaborate, share and organize the information across the organization. Such skills are in high demand in the organizations and therefore individuals with this certification can expect many job opportunities and scope with better salary packages.

How Can Microsoft SharePoint Improve the Productivity of Your Organization?

If your organization isn’t yet using the SharePoint technology, you should pay attention to it. Here are some ways through which Microsoft SharePoint 2013 can help you in improving the productivity:

1. Document Management:
It has always been a difficult task to upload documents to the previous version of the Microsoft SharePoint. But with the latest SkyDrive Pro and its drag and drop functionality, the uploading and management of content have improved. It is now possible to maintain the content with offline sync with just some clicks.

2. Improved Searching:
The SharePoint users have always had a hard time when searching for a particular document. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has taken care of this as well by offering;
●Quick previews of documents
●Improvements in database
●Enhanced search refiners

3. Sharing:
SharePoint has taken all the needed efforts for delivering easy sharing options to its users. Now the users can share files in the most secure and easy manner. Other than allowing the collaboration of the employees for working together on a file, SharePoint 2013 also allows keeping track of the site accessing requests. Thus rather than spending hours individually, SharePoint improves productivity by combining the efforts.

4. Better User-Interface:
One of the most significant ways which SharePoint 2013 has targeted for improving the productivity is the user-interface. The entire program has been designed for a better understanding and management for the users. Users after completing the SharePoint 2013 training can spend more time for actually using the app rather than just understanding how to use it. Users do not face any problem in understanding and implementing the various functionalities of this new version of SharePoint.

5. Social Connectivity:
You can now experience a better social environment with SharePoint 2013. By including the following sites, interactive feeds, community sites, etc. SharePoint 2013 has made collaboration among the employees more convenient. As a result, the communication has become more effective and enhanced which indeed has improved the productivity. Moreover, this has also helped in establishing social relationships with other influential peoples for strengthening the brand reputation.

6. Website Management:
Gone are the days when managing website was considered tough with SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 has made management of the website really easy by offering facilities like:

  • Multi-language support
  • On-page video embedding
  • Creation of short URL
  • Multi-device support

These benefits have not only improved the performance of internet facing sites but have also helped the internal sites to grow in terms of performance.

7. Supports a Number of Apps:
SharePoint 2013 is more flexible in terms of app usage. It allows the users to access multiple apps, for being quick and efficient in their operations. The use of various apps for different operations helps the users to eliminate the risks, save money and time and reduce the invested cost.

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SharePoint certification has helped many people to make better utilization of the ways for increasing the productivity by enhancing the security, connectivity and accessing abilities. If you want to avail maximum benefits from SharePoint, then you can enroll for SharePoint 2013 training with institutes like Koenig solutions which are one of the best in the industry.