iPhone is one of the most versatile yet delicate smartphones that has been created by Apple! This means it can easily get cracked if it drops from a certain height! If you love your iPhone and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars repairing it then here are 9 repairing tips and tricks that you can try at home. However, if you don’t want to take a risk and get it professionally, you can get it done from iPhone repair Daly city!

Take a look at these simple tips and tricks that you can do it by yourself!

  1. Replace an Inactive or Dead Battery

With time, smartphone batteries start to take a long time to charge and also start draining faster than normal! If something like this happens with your iPhone then you can buy a new battery from an online store or from a brick and mortar store and get it replaced easily!

  1. Cool It Down

As the smartphones are getting smart day-by-day, they get overheated due to overload on the circuits. The same thing happens with iPhone as well, it gets overheated sometimes as well! If this happens with your iPhone, you just need to turn off the phone and leave it for some time.

  1. Check for the Loose Charging point

The USB charging ports of the phone become loose with the passing time. It would even happen that your charger does not fit at all! All you need to do is take a sharp toothpick and clean your USB port and then clean it with a cotton cloth. That’s it!

  1. Clean the Speakers

It might happen that your iPhone’s headphone jack becomes dirty! It generally happens because the dirt and dust from your pocket might get stuck in the headphone jack! Don’t worry! Just grab a toothpick and remove all the dirt from the jack and it will start working like normal!

  1. Repairing the Unresponsive buttons

It would happen sometimes that the buttons of your iPhone won’t response on pressing. In such cases, you just need a piece of cotton that is dab in alcohol and rubs it over the button and voila! It will start working again!

  1. Removing the Scratches

There is no phone in the world without scratches! Scratches are one of the most common problems that every phone user faces! If you have scratches on your iPhone as well, you can use sandpaper or emery paper and brush the edges. This will make your iPhone screen smooth and shiny!

  1. Use Rice to Restore your Wet iPhone

Do you know that your wet iPhone can be restored using rice? Yes, you heard it right! If you have dropped your iPhone in water, you can simply keep it a bag of rice and the rice will absorb all the moisture and it will start working as before!

  1. iPhone Camera Lens Break

It would generally happen that your iPhone camera lens will get scratched or breaks! If something like this happens, you can use DVD lens from your old DVD player. You just need to open your iPhone and replace it with the DVD’s lens! If you love to take macro pictures, you can place DVD lens on the top of your iPhone’s camera!

  1. Replacing the Shattered or Scratched Screen

iPhone is one of the most delicate smartphones that means the screen will easily get shattered when dropped from a certain height! If it stops working, you need to replace it with a new one. You can get it replaced by the professionals or replace it yourself by watching YouTube videos!

Final Words

So, these are some of the tips and tricks that will definitely help you in life! On the other hand, if any major problems occur in your iPhone then you can take it to your nearby iPhone repair shop in San Francisco to get it repaired or replaced!