All You Need To Know About Latest Robot Technology

All You Need To Know About Latest Robot Technology

As technology is developing, the world of robots is also expanding. From robots in the service sector to robots in the manufacturing industry, they are digging into every corner of our lives. Let’s explore the latest in robotic technology.

Collaborative robots

Also known as cobots, these robots work side by side with humans. Thus, enabling faster task performance. Currently, they are chiefly utilised in the manufacturing field as they:

  • operate with heavy payloads that are dangerous for human employees
  • perform repetitive work which leads to boredom
  • run on tight schedules which necessitates error-free work on time to prevent financial loss

By performing dull, low-skill tasks, collaborative robots free up human operators to pay attention to jobs that require additional skills or critical thinking. Cobots are also be utilised to alternate with human shifts. For example, auto manufacturers in Germany out cobots to work during the night-shift. It gives human workers a rest while still ensuring that the unit operates for 24 hours. Cobots are also helpful when there is a lack or shortage of workers since they can perform almost all jobs humans can. 

The International Federation of Robotics estimated that from 2018 to 2020 the field of cobots would grow at a 15% rate. Experts now forecast that till 2026, the segment will have 33% growth each year. Already in Europe and the United States, cobots have been propelled to the forefront and not just in manufacturing plants. The time when cobots are present all over the world is in the advent.

Robots as a Service

Software as a Service or SaaS is a known aspect. Robotics as a Service is a new twist to it. From 2018 to 2020, RaaS market grew over USD 710 million. Robotics as a Service integrates robots into cloud computing models to meet operating objectives. 

A RaaS platform allows a company to extract data from machines and analyse it at a quick pace to find out if the current track is A-Okay or an adjustment is required. Further, RaaS helps increase efficiency, which helps in managing client needs and scaling up.

Collaborative Robot Arms

Robotic technology has been appropriated in the medical field for long. Surgeries are one place where they have been particularly useful. But with the birth of collaborative robot arms, the whole arena went a paradigm shift. These robots come with considerable intelligence capability. 

An example of cobots in surgeries is a robot utilised in laparoscopy. The robot is equipped with haptic feedback which means the surgeon can feel the tissue the robot arm touches using tactile stimulations. Cobot arms also perform essential jobs such as suturing 

Another area where surgical robots are particularly helpful is surgical smoke. By using a robotic arm instead of a healthcare staff, you can keep humans away from the cytotoxic smoke. Robots in healthcare act as another arm for surgeons ensuring that patient care is never compromised while providing the best possible aid. 

Consumer Robots

The simplest consumer or personal robot is the Amazon echo. A tiny, household-oriented technology, it has grown in leaps and bounds in the past year. Taking note of its demand, companies are now exploring robotic technology further and how it can be incorporated to make home life more comfortable. 

The technology can simplify life for consumers in a variety of ways:

  • A basic robotic arm can recognise fallen objects, pick them up and then place them in their designated locations. 
  • A robot can perform fundamental household tasks such as sweeping or mopping up the floor. 

More advanced version of robots can respond to voice commands to performs jobs like controlling all smart gadgets at home. They can also step into a security function if the need arises.

From humanoid robots that mimic emotions or take care of children to collaborative robots that make manufacturing faster and much safer, robotic technology has enhanced to a significant degree in the past year or two. If not already, then in the near future every business in every field will employ robots in some form to fatten their bottom line. So, keep your eyes peeled for more news on this front, especially cobots.

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