All You Need to Know About SAP HANA Community Cloud

What is a Community Cloud?

The term ‘community cloud’ specifies that the design of the cloud is exactly as per the norms and standards of a particular community.  Community clouds are nothing but the hybrid forms which are particularly built for a niche and specific target group. All of these communities are working on similar standards and hence they have matching requirements. They need to work together to achieve their business goals.

Community clouds are tailor-made for organizations and businesses which work on common projects, researches, or applications and so they need a central cloud computing system. A central community cloud helps in creating, managing and implementing such projects, irrespective of the solutions which they rent from the service providers.

The cloud consumers are the members of the community who share the responsibility of cloud definition and evolution.

The community membership not always guarantees the access or control of all the IT resources. The outside parties can get access only if the community allows them.

What is ESDS’ SAP HANA Community Cloud?

From the above explanation, now you can somewhat understand what can be the meaning of SAP Community Cloud. The community which follows the compliances and regulations of the SAP systems, has the same requirements and totally works on SAP is the SAP community cloud.

ESDS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been the first ever company to provide SAP HANA Community Cloud. ESDS has designed and set this community cloud especially for the SAP members who work on the commonly standards set by SAP. This SAP HANA community cloud is made such that any client can set up his/her HANA instances with desired redundancy and flexibility.

We abide by all the SAP compliances to provide a user everything he needs at one place. Users can choose from several options of deployment for Commercial Data Centers and on-premise cloud infrastructure. We also provide Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) to our customers so that they can leverage their current infrastructure and hardware components for HANA environment. Our SAP community cloud provides different server types. Our cloud solutions let users experience speedy and elastic operation services, as we focus on SAP HANA instances on the cloud. We provide our users a Single-Sign-On (SSO) login for every service, with the help of eNlight 360. Because of this SSO feature, the user can access every service at one place and take benefits of all our solutions like gDNS, MTvScan 2.0, WAF, and so on.

We have a robust team of technicians which configures and handles SUSE/HANA failover systems with high RPO/RTO rates, in-detail reports, and continuous drills. The in-house support team comprises of certified specialists who have a large experience base of serving huge organizations, over 120 SAP HANA customers and more than 10,000 SAP users.

Generally, the users have to call several technical/customer support members for their issues and they get irritated. Hence, for user convenience, we provide a Single Point of Support with their respective account manager. This system ensures there is no time wasted and the customer gets solutions in time. All the managed services viz., Infrastructure, BASIS support, and DR, achieve a better turn-around time.

Due to all these services we provide, ESDS is the proud partner of choice on SAP’s APJ portal, for SAP S/4 HANA infrastructure hosting services.

What features does ESDS offer?

There are several features like cloud and SAP Managed Services that we offer. Consider the following-

  1. On boarding Services
  • One Time SAP Infrastructure setup as per final sizing
  1. SPLA License
  • VMware
  • Veritas NetBackup/Commvault
  1. SAP Managed Services
  • SAP Basis Support
  • HANA Administration Service
  • Sybase/MaxDB etc.
  • SAP HANA/SUSE Failover-Cluster Service (Configuration, Daily Monitoring & Management)
  1. Infra Managed Services
  • 24×7 Advanced Monitoring Service
  • OS, Storage, backup, Network & Security
  1. DR Setup
  •  One Time DR infra setup
  •  DR Drills & Reporting
  •  RTO/RPO monitoring
  •  Replication Monitoring & Configuration
  1. Compute/Storage
  •  Certified SAP Cloud
  •  SAP HANA on TDI (Physical/Cloud) & Certified Appliance Model
  •  Performance Disk space (SAS) – 300 IOPS/TB
  •  High-Performance Disk space (SSD) – 3000 IOPS/TB
  •  Backup solution – Data/Snapshot
  1. Network and Security
  •  Physical/Virtual Firewalls
  •  SIEM, DDoS Service
  •  IPSec/SSL VPN, Internet/MPLS Link/Shared P2P Links

Which are the SAP HANA Managed Services that ESDS provides and for whom these services are?

There are three services- SAP Basis Services, SAP DR Services, and SAP Infrastructure Management Services. Let’s get to know about each one of them-

SAP Basis Services-

Our SAP experts are always there to assist you with everything related to BASIS administration. We provide all the technical support, be it the pre-installation planning, monitoring tools, sizing of the resources, and much more so that you have to pay less cost.

We cater the BASIS support immediately after the SAP implementation is over and therefore you don’t have to worry about it.

SAP DR Services-

Did you know that your instances can recover with 100% availability and high scalability and that too with a very low cost? Yes, now you can with ESDS.

We know the cost of hiccups in your website or the cost of a few seconds of black-out. In case there are some disasters, your IT resources and assets need protection because such disasters can cause big losses. Hence, there is a need for data copies in several places so that you don’t lose your valuable data.

With ESDS, you don’t have to worry! You can get comprehensive security and disaster recovery plans, policies, tools, and technologies with an exuberant support from us.

SAP Infrastructure Management Services-

We know the importance of managing and monitoring the IT infrastructure in a timely manner. It increases the availability of operational and applications services. There are several tools to monitor IT resources which are highly time-consuming, expensive, and need extra resources because there is a demand for skilled personnel who can handle these tools. For these problems, ESDS again provides a solution in terms of eMagic, a tool to manage and monitor infrastructure from A to Z. If you want a robust, cost-saving and highly-efficient solution for your SAP environments, then this is the one. eMagic helps you to fix root causes of infrastructure damage by immediate resolving action on the issue.

Why should you deploy your SAP HANA instances on SAP HANA Community Cloud by ESDS?

Looking at all the above factors – features, cloud, and SAP managed services which ESDS provides, it is quite clear why ESDS can be the best choice.

ESDS strives to provide exuberant support and a great level of service satisfaction to its customers. Our products are specifically tailored to serve your needs and wishes.

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