Avoiding Digital Despair: How to Buy an iPhone Battery

So, you likely landed here because you have a problem. One that affects a family member - the technological partner in your life. Without it, how would you start your day? Literally, how would you wake up without that alarm (and maybe the five others set after it)? At night, you wouldn’t have that one last, super-necessary Instagram scroll and troll, or the ability to set those six alarms.

Essentially, you need to know that an iPhone’s battery won’t last forever and that how you treat your phone impacts the battery’s life. It’s even more important how you treat your phone when you’re not using it.

Today we’ll try to answer some of your questions about those pesky, random shutdowns and battery jumps. We’ll explain how batteries work and what you can do to keep them charged for as long as possible.

Most mobile phones get their power from a rechargeable battery pack. Rechargeable battery packs are typically made from lithium-ion batteries, which are lightweight, store energy well, and can be recharged hundreds of times.

Lithium-ion batteries, as all batteries do, have negative and positive terminals. You’ve seen these positive and negative markers used as guides for inserting batteries. Once a battery is in place, chemical compounds create a reaction across the terminals. An electric current produced by this chemical reaction occurs when you use your cell phone. The voltage of a mobile phone battery is much higher than a household alkaline battery.

An internal battery monitor displays battery status, continuously checks voltage to prevent overcharging, and disconnects the battery if voltage becomes too low. The battery monitor also tells you when you need to charge your phone. A charger converts currents transferred from an electrical outlet to a level safe for the phone. The electricity coming from the outlet changes the chemical reactions in the battery and charges the phone.

The biggest questions you probably have are, “how long will my iPhone battery last,” and “will I ever need to buy an iPhone battery?” The truth is, it depends.

You own an iPhone for a number of reasons; those reasons probably include Apple’s reputation for reliability and durability. Generally, you can count on an iPhone battery to last for two to three years or 300 to 500 discharge cycles. Your personal phone usage habits affect that norm tremendously, but, ultimately, buying an iPhone battery should be a pretty rare occurrence.

According to TechAdvisor, here are a few tips for extending your iPhone battery lifespan:

• Aim to keep your battery charged at 40-80% most of the time. A few shorter charges each day are optimal. Constantly charging to 100%, or letting the battery fully deplete will shorten its lifespan.

• Only fully charge your battery to 100% about once a month. This will recalibrate the battery.

• If you leave your phone plugged in overnight, it’ll stop charging once the battery is full.

• Take the case off when doing longer charges to prevent overheating.

• In general, keep your phone away from heat sources. Extreme temperatures shorten battery lifespan.

• If you’re a fast charger, know that fast charging will create additional heat within the iPhone battery and shorten its lifespan.

• Try your best to use an Apple manufactured charging cord, or make sure a third-party charger is approved by Apple. The cheap stuff you find in drugstores and online can do harm and potentially cause severe overheating.

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