Summary: The blog will enlighten users all possible measures to take backup of Exchange Online mailbox to PST from Office 365 account. This will help to keep all Office 365 mailboxes safe and secure. Along with this, we will also learn the reasons behind Exchange online export mailbox to PST format .

Apart from other application, Microsoft has developed a wide range of applications with some additional features known as Office 365. It is a cloud-based office suite, which is a secure place for data storage. Furthermore, it enables a user to access their important documents, emails, contacts, etc., anywhere at any time. Although it does not give an option to take backup of all mailboxes on a local server machine. This is essential because an unknown cause which makes Office 365 storage and email services, were inaccessible. In this blog, we are going to discuss different ways to backup Exchange online mailbox to PST from Office 365 user or admin account in a clear manner.

Different Measures to Backup Exchange Online Mailbox to PST from Office 365

There are four workarounds through which users can export PST from Office 365 admin center of Exchange online. The first three approaches are only applicable for an administrator account and the last approach for admin or a single Office 365 user. Let us have a look:

Method 1: Backup Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox using eDiscovery Tool

This method involves the Office 365 admin feature i.e., eDiscovery. It can perform searching related to the discovery of relevant content within mailboxes. An administrator can use this advanced feature to export mailbox to PST from Exchange online. However, before the usage of this component, you have to follow below-described steps:

  1. Give full permission related to security and compliance for eDiscovery
  2. Generate eDiscovery cases under ‘Search and Investigation’ section
  3. Adding new users in case of eDiscovery, which is the most recently created
  4. Place an existing content on legal hold for keeping case relevant content
  5. Now, it is the time to create and execute so many content searches with case

To know more, please visit here:

Method 2: Backup Exchange Online Mailbox to PST by PowerShell Command

This strategy will help to export emails from Office 365 webmail using PowerShell commands. Generally, it includes following processes to be completed with PowerShell script:

  1. To establish a connection with Exchange environment
  2. Provide the accessing export correct permissions
  3. Setting up Office 365 account in Microsoft Outlook
  4. Check the configuration settings of Outlook mail client
  5. Export Outlook PST file from recently opened client
  6. Verify that the converting process is finished
  7. Eliminate all granted permissions of Step (2)
  8. Terminate an established connections in Step (1)

Method 3: Using Import and Export Wizard

The measure to backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST from Office 365 user account is only applicable in Microsoft Outlook 2016. If this edition is available on your local machine then, follow these set of instructions:

  1. Configure Office 365 in Outlook 2016 from which full backup can be created
  2. When Step (1) gets finished, migrate PST file from recently configured mail account

Method 4: Using Professional Way

The approach is workable for Office 365 administrator or an individual user account. Neither Microsoft Outlook nor PowerShell commands nor eDiscovery is needed to work with this effective solution. You just need to download and install Office 365 Export program and then, follow below-stated steps:

For Admin

    1. First, Double-click on Office 365 Export program and then, go to the Login button.

    1. Enable a checkbox that is placed just behind Is Admin option.

    1. Type all the credentials of O365 tenant admin to continue the procedure to backup Office 365 Exchange online mailbox to PST.

    1. Preview every user ID, which is present in your account and chooses those user IDs you wish to export. Click on Next button to proceed.

    1. Select any one of the given file options under ‘Select Email Format’ field. For example, if we have selected PST file from a list.

    1. If you have selected PST then, you can utilize splitting feature of the mail program. This option will prevent you from PST file size error.

    1. Choose all the mailboxes that you want to take backup from Office 365 Exchange online suite.

    1. If you wish to apply any filter while converting items then, you can do by enabling the ‘Date Filter’ option.

    1. Click the Browse button to find the path where resultant PST files are to be saved after completion.

    1. Choose the targeted folder from the local machine and click OK button to continue O365 Exchange Online mailbox to PST migration procedure.

    1. Eventually, click on start for backing up mailboxes from Exchange online to Outlook PST.

    1. You can display live status of the ongoing process and if you want to interrupt it in between them, click on Pause button as well.

    1. Once the process gets finished, you will locate that the Status is labeled as Completed.

    1. If you need the archive report of the entire procedure then, hit on Save Report and find its path.

    1. In the last, all data from Office 365 admin account is archived on your local machine.

For Normal User

    1. First, launch the Office 365 Export tool and then, hit on Login.

    1. Simply fill all the credentials of MS Office 365 user account and choose the Sign In.

    1. All folders and sub-folders can be loaded in front of you. Click the Next button to continue the process of exporting Office 365 Exchange online mailbox to PST file.

  1. Well, you must have to follow the same steps from (5) to (14) of ‘For Admin’ process to accomplish this task successfully.

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Observational Verdict

Nowadays, the most common search is how to backup Exchange online mailbox to PST from Office 365. Thus, in this blog, we have explained several approaches to archive O365 mailbox in a reliable and most convenient way. Also, we have suggested an automated solution i.e., Office365Export PST tool through which one can easily take backup of Exchange online mailboxes in PST file format.