Nowadays search engine optimization services are very popular as people spend their lot of time on the internet so every company an online lead and search engine optimization is the technique through which you can generate an online lead.

There are many companies those are providing SEO services in Surat, Noida, Delhi etc. But do you know what exactly SEO is or how it works? Well if you are interested to know about SEO then you are at right place here in this article we are discussing some basics of search engine optimization.

Basically Search engine optimization help your website to rank on SERP’S ob various search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. By using different techniques of SEO, SEO webmasters rank your website on search engines the first page, so that it can help you to generate the online lead.


A research shows that more then 80% people buy products from the top five websites so if your website shows in top five website there are more chances of online lead conversion. Any company those are selling products online or offering any services for those companies search engine optimization techniques are really important

Seo can be done by three techniques

1.White Hat SEO: When you follow google guidelines and rules its called as White Hat SEO.

2.Black Hat SEO: When you don’t follow the google guidelines its called as Black hat SEO. Black Hat SEO may help you in fast ranking but if Google finds out that being an SEO webmaster you are not using their guidelines then they can ban your website forever.

3.Gray hat SEO: its when SEO webmasters use both black hat and white Hat SEO.

Search Engine Optimization has two parts

1.On-Page SEO
2.OFF-Page SEO

ON-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is when webmasters make some changes on the website. In this you can edit the website URL by adding the important keywords, you can also use H1, H2, H3 etc tags which tell the search engines that which title is important.
In on-page SEO webmasters also use the image alt text.

OFF-Page SEO: OFF-Page SEO is when SEO webmasters create links for the website so that people can more aware of our products and services. There are various OFF-Page sites through which you can popular your product online.

1.Classified: BY doing classified of your product you can make people aware online that what type of products and services you are offering. People believe that it’s not helpful these days but it is beneficial if you put the ad submission in a right category.

2.Guest Blog: Guest Blog is when you post your content on some other person website. Before posting the content SEO webmasters link the Particular keyword. So that when the reader clicks on it, they take the reader indirectly on their website. Which generate the traffic on the website.

SEO webmasters also use article submission, profile building, social bookmarking activities in OFF-Page which not only help in generating traffic but also help to make your rand popular online.