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It’s no surprise when we talk about health issue these days. Many among us are already suffering from one or more health related problems. Technological advancements have made our generation negligent about their health which has resulted in adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. From senior citizens to toddlers, everyone is enjoying the privileges that technology has brought into our lives without thinking about its adverse effects on our human body. Lack of physical activity has resulted in constant recurring or chronic pain and many lifestyle diseases, whereas unhealthy lifestyle has resulted in unhealthy diet, consumption of alcohol and drugs, chronic diseases, obesity and a completely sedentary lifestyle. These are the problems that are linked with the way people live their lives by limiting or not doing enough physical activity and modifiable habits that impacts health in a serious way.
Chronic pain can be though termed as one of such lifestyle disease which can affect your mental health and your day to day life. In this scenario, physiotherapy could serve as the best physical aid as compared to drugs and surgery, thereby improving an individual’s quality of life by examination, diagnosis and physical intervention. Determining the flexibility, joint range of motion balance and increasing motion of a fractured bone or a joint by exercising or massaging the affected area and relieving the underlying pain.
Allcare  physical therapist in Brooklyn is one of the best aid if you are suffering from any kind of pain through their advanced pain relief technology, diagnostic tools for identifying the root cause of your problem and providing effective course of physiotherapy treatment and after therapy what care should be taken is brought to light. Any physiotherapy treatment includes three major stages:-
  1. Identifying the root cause of pain:-  MRI, CT scan or X Ray are the commonly knows testing tools for identifying the root cause. Electroencephalography and nerve conduction velocity testing are powerful advanced diagnostic tools that helps the physiotherapist in identifying and locating the exact nerve that is causing the resulting pain.
  2. Taking corrective measures:- Corrective measure such as physical exercise and effective exercise routines are established and the affected area is given massage by licensed masseur.
  3. Maintain and prevent future pain:- Prevention of future pain can be guaranteed only by adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes:
  • A well balanced healthy diet.
  • A well planned exercise routine.
  • Practicing the correct body posture.
  • Limiting alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoiding drugs consumption and smoking.
  • Last but not least completely avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.
As we all know “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” it’s our duty to protect and prioritize ourselves  and do not let technology leave its adverse effects on our health and whenever you experience excruciating pain and a need for licensed physiotherapists arises, AllCare physical therapist is the first and the last practice you have to call to live a painless and stress free life.
Remember! Good Health is a blessing which a chosen few have and if you are one of them, then never ever ruin it at any cost.
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