Boink Live Streaming Corp has been on a mission to create a stunning social media streaming app that will help people to connect to thousands of like-minded people and at the same time make money by streaming themselves online. Bonk Be.Live mobile streaming application has already become popular around the globe. The parent company of the application is making hard efforts for promotion and marketing of the app. It has some of the best marketers in its team who are creating a hardcore marketing strategy to promote the product.

New President of Corporate Development Appointed

Sean Green has been appointed as the new president of Corporate Development. He will be responsible for introducing the athletes and entertainers to the Bonk Be.Live app. Michael Gilburd, the CEO of Boink Live Streaming Corp announced that the VP of Corporate Development is excellent in introducing the athletes and entertainers. Sean is also a long time colleague of Michael at American Express. Gilburd has a strong belief that Sean will add more athletes and entertainers who will send their messages through the newest version of Bonk Be.Live app.

A more about Sean Green

Sean has over 20+ years of experience in Corporate Development and Financial Service Sector including 9 years of experience in American Express Financial Advisors. He has worked with Acquisitions and Mergers, Commercial/Residential Correspondent Leading, and also in Financial Planning, primarily in Private Aviation sector in the areas of Charter Maintenance, Strategical Alliances, and Fuel Sales.

Sean has also served high net worth individuals in the Corporate and Sports/Entertainment arena, in addition to having Small Business, Fortune 500 Companies, and Municipalities as valued clients. He graduated from The University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in the year 1998, obtaining a degree in Bachelor of Health Science with a virtual emphasis in Business. With Sean as VP of Corporate Development, Bonk Be.Live will soon touch the sky benchmark.

Bonk Be.Live App – A Brief Insight

Bonk Be.Live is a social media broadcasting application where users can broadcast themselves online or watch others performing live. You can create your account using Facebook account, Instagram account, phone number, or email address.

It is a stunning application where you can find your favorite superstars, performers, aspiring stars, performing live and keeping their fans engaged. Bonk Be.Live star broadcasters interact with the worldwide audience. The professional singers, dancers, athletes, motion picture stars, DJs, rappers, Facebook influencers, and YouTubers can connect to their fans using this app.

The application leverages the common man to live the childhood dream of becoming a superstar. The app allows you to stream live and entertain the audience viewing your steam. If they like you, they will start following you and will be notified whenever you start your next steam. In this pursuit, you can gain followers and earn money by running the advertisements during the stream.

How Bonk Be.Live is Beneficial for Publishers and Advertisers?

Bonk Be.Live is a fabulous application that has nailed all its competitors and has emerged on the top in the social media broadcasting industry. The virtual reality and augmented reality features offered by this application cannot be found on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

It is marked as the game charger by 25 technology-based startups from the Silicon Valley, USA. It can help the broadcasters to gain followers around the globe by just keeping the viewers engaged through their steams. The broadcasters can make new friends, chat privately with the viewers, receive gifts and make money by running the media ads during the steam.

At the same time, the advertisers can ditch the conventional advertising model that was costly and brought lesser conversions. The call-to-action feature used by Bonk Be.Live app helps the advertisers to gain more conversions for the product/service they are promoting as lesser price. The app leverages a win-win scenario for both the broadcasters and advertisers.

The Bottom Line

The developers of the app are continuously revamping its interface to make it better day by day for the users. More features have been added to the app to ease out the user efforts. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is the time now. Go for it!