Whenever a civilian’s safety is in jeopardy, having optimal lighting for emergency vehicles is extraordinarily critical in order to prevent further calamity. When purchasing these ultra-important products, an assurance of high quality and effectiveness is integral in the decision-making process. This is where Ultra Bright Lightz comes in, a company guaranteeing that each light fixture product sold reverberates the high-quality guaranteed credo.

Ultra Bright Lightz, a company that started a mere 10-years ago, focuses on low priced LED lights for both emergency and privately-owned vehicles without sacrificing any shred of quality. Ultra Bright Lightz offers an array of incentives to attract customers to their products. For starters, every order boasts a flat rate shipping of $9.99. Also, each Ultra Bright Lightz product has an attached 30-day return policy. Further, many products ¬– including Dash Lights – offer a 5-year warranty. This illustrates their commitment to customer satisfaction, while also emphasizing the confidence in their own product. Ultra Bright Lightz guarantees that the customer will be satisfied with the sold product or, if not, they will fully refund the customer – this eliminates any shred of anxiety of getting a faulty product delivered.

LED lights are quite beneficial when it comes to both emergency and privately-owned vehicles. First, LED lights are the most prevalent among all emergency vehicles on the road. LED lights are 90% more efficient than normal incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Further, they are wholly effective because, as a “directional” light source, they emit light and heat in multiple directions. LED lights are also durable, last longer, and are effervescently bright. Therefore, Ultra Bright Lightz products with LED lights provide a plethora of benefits for all users, especially because LED lights are particularly adept in warning other vehicles of both potential hazards and advising other vehicles to clear the road.

When perusing through their product pages, you’ll see that each product presents a host of specifications that guide customers to choosing either the perfect grill light, dash lights, and even visor lights. For example, Ultra Bright Lightz provides the quintessential “Lightz Meter” which gives users a convenient graph of the overall brightness of the product and the features the product provides. Furthermore, the product pages also include literature that gives PDF instructions for users on how to use the product efficiently and effectively. These instructions outline the different flash patterns each product emits as well as the mounting specifications that make for an easy set-up. Lastly, the product page offers both reviews and videos of the products in order to provide customers with a full understanding of each product that they may potentially purchase.

Dash lights, in particular, are perfect for adjusting to the windshield angle of any vehicle. Moreover, the frame of the light is composed of metal, so it will neither bend nor warp when used over a long period of time. For example, the UBL U-Lite 2X Dash Light is an easy to use light option that includes suction cups, which allow for an easy mount. Further, this dash light model also includes a cigarette plug, which gets rid of any hard-wiring difficulties found in other dash light models.

If you have any questions regarding any products or policies do not hesitate to contact Ultra Bright Lightz by phone at 1-888-562-5125. Or contact them by email at [email protected]. Their industry-leading customer service representatives are standing by to assist you at a personal level to ensure that your vehicles are always equipped with the industry leading light fixtures. Your emergency or privatively owned vehicle should have the best light fixtures possible, and Ultra Bright Lightz is there to keep it that way.

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